China Air Preparation Unit/ FRL Units--SMC New Type Equivalent,Air Preparation Unit/ FRL Units--SMC New Type Equival...
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Air Preparation Unit/ FRL Units--SMC New Type Equivalent

  • Product Name:  Air Preparation Unit/ FRL Units--SMC New Type Equivalent
  • Origin:  China
  • Packing:  Neutral package / as per customer design
  • Brand Name:  YAGPC
  • Delivery Time:  One week
  • Minimum Order:  1PCS
  • Supply Ability:  10000 PCS / Month
  • Quality System Certification:  ISO9001:2008
  • Product Details:  Air Preparation Unit/ FRL Units--SMC New Type Equivalent

Air Preparation Units: SMC new type equivalent
Model Specifications
AC20-02-R G1/4",filter+regulator+lubricator,with round gauge with limit indicator, plastic filter element
AC20-02-R-D G1/4",filter+regulator+lubricator,with round gauge, auto drain, plastic filter element
AC30-02-R G1/4",filter+regulator+lubricator,with round gauge with limit indicator, plastic filter element
AC30-02-R-D G1/4",filter+regulator+lubricator,with round gauge, auto drain, plastic filter element
AC30-03-R G3/8",filter+regulator+lubricator,with round gauge with limit indicator, plastic filter element
AC30-03-R-D G3/8",filter+regulator+lubricator,with round gauge, auto drain, plastic filter element
AC40-04-R G1/2",filter+regulator+lubricator,with round gauge with limit indicator, plastic filter element
AC40-04-R-D G1/2",filter+regulator+lubricator,with round gauge, auto drain, plastic filter element
AC20-02-E G1/4",filter+regulator+lubricator,with embedded gauge, plastic filter element
AC20-02-E-D G1/4",filter+regulator+lubricator,with embedded gauge, auto drain, plastic filter element
AC30-02-E G1/4",filter+regulator+lubricator,with embedded gauge, plastic filter element
AC30-02-E-D G1/4",filter+regulator+lubricator,with embedded gauge, auto drain, plastic filter element
AC30-03-E G3/8",filter+regulator+lubricator,with embedded gauge, plastic filter element
AC30-03-E-D G3/8",filter+regulator+lubricator,with embedded gauge, auto drain, plastic filter element
AC40-04-E G1/2",filter+regulator+lubricator,with embedded gauge, plastic filter element
AC40-04-E-D G1/2",filter+regulator+lubricator,with embedded gauge, auto drain, plastic filter element