Zhejiang Li boss: build a better future with Shantui excavator!

The typhoon "Likima" has just gone, and the subtropical high pressure has been favored by Zhejiang. Recently, along with the high temperature of 37 °C, Shantui excavator "slow in the summer" Zhejiang Shantui visit team came to Jiaxing City.

The client who visited this time is the boss of Li, Zhouning Temple in Haining. During the conversation, Li Bowei just started to buy an 8-ton mountain push excavator. During the use, Li boss experienced the excellent product quality, comfortable operation and considerate service of Shantui excavator. With the expansion of the business, Li boss has added another one. In addition, Chest boss also has equipment such as trucks and cranes to work with excavators.

Just after the spring of this year, Li boss bought a 13-ton mountain excavator. As the number of devices continued to increase, Li Bo had a family meeting to allow the two daughters to operate the excavator, one for each person, responsible for all aspects of the project. This is also the first time a service worker has seen a female driver since she visited most of Zhejiang Province. Under such high temperature, they still stick to their posts and people are very impressed!

The visiting personnel carried out a comprehensive inspection of the performance parameters of the vehicle and the pressure measurement of the air conditioning system on the machine of the boss of Li, and carefully cleaned and cleaned the heat sink. Li boss is very satisfied with the service.

Li Li boss said frankly that he could settle in Haining in the past few years, thanks to these Nuggets assistants. He said: "I am very grateful for my original choice, and I also thank Shantui for his love. In the future, I will continue to support the Shantui brand and look forward to building a better future with Shantui excavators!" Mountain push excavator

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