What are the hidden dangers of power plant lighting? Power plant uses LED explosion-proof light

For a long time, the safety hazards of power plant lighting systems are generally found in the safety operation systems of various thermal power plants. Due to the harsh on-site environment, long lighting time, high lighting requirements, a large number of lighting fixtures, and inconvenient maintenance, the problems have long plagued related management. , operation and maintenance personnel.
In particular, the worst environmental coal-conveying system in power plants, most of which are lagging behind in the design of lamps and lanterns, led to an excessive number of on-site lamps, unreasonable lamp installation positions, and the illumination could not meet the requirements of normal production and maintenance, which greatly increased the maintenance cost in the later period. Not only does it waste resources, it also greatly reduces work efficiency.
The following are the four potential safety hazards of the coal transportation system of the power plant of Xiaoming.
1. The luminaire selection is unreasonable and the quality is poor. It cannot meet the special working environment of high temperature, dust, vibration, and corrosion in the main plant. There are a large number of spot lamps and lanterns that are not brightly lit, the shell is dropped, and the interior of the lamp has serious dust and light decay. Lighting cannot meet basic safety production needs. Or after the later maintenance and replacement, it becomes a variety of lamp types: three anti-lights, flood lights, security lights, electrodeless lights, metal halide lamps and other lamp types, resulting in unclear on-site lighting conditions, complex maintenance and replacement, and a wide variety of spare parts , resulting in a corresponding increase in maintenance costs.
2. The overall environment of the site is relatively poor. When the coal is used, the dust is relatively high and the illumination is uneven. Most of the maximum illumination is only about 20Lx, which affects the normal inspection and maintenance of the production and workshop equipment, especially the partial lighting of the trestle bridge, the insufficient illumination, and the slippery ground. There are more steps and people feel dizzy between walks, and they pose a lot of hidden dangers.
3. The lighting in the work area is irrational. It fails to allocate effective lighting to the required work surface. It also results in huge loss of light efficiency. As a result, the total lighting power is large, the cost of electricity is increased, and the best lighting effect is not achieved. .
4, the site wiring is not reasonable, the use of a metal pipe along the underground layout, due to long-term wet tide, water, resulting in rust damage into the water, but also because of the use of BV single-layer insulated wire, but also easy to wear in the construction Damages cause frequent leakage faults on the site, causing great difficulties for maintenance work and affecting normal production.
LED explosion-proof lights work fine, safe and reliable, the following details from the light source, power supply, cooling three aspects:
Light source module:
High-brightness LED light source, with high-efficiency constant-current drive power supply, saving 60% compared to gas discharge lamps; LED components all sealed, waterproof and dustproof, no internal cleaning and maintenance; circuit board thermal resistance is low, specially designed module circuit , Each unit failure will not affect the normal operation of the rest of the components.
Power Module:
High-efficiency constant-current driving power supply cooperates with intelligent power adjustment period; with luminous flux compensation function, reducing light failure, ensuring the light efficiency of LED light source; with over-voltage protection, over-current protection and surge current protection.
Thermal module:
The explosion-proof lamp shell adopts aluminum alloy high-pressure casting molding, and the surface is subjected to high-pressure electrostatic spray after shot blasting, which effectively provides the heat dissipation performance of the shell; the aluminum substrate is closely attached to the aluminum alloy shell, and the point heat source can be instantly converted into a surface heat source, and the heat is dissipated. The area is doubled, which helps to disperse the heat rapidly and increase the efficiency of heat dissipation. The surface of the housing has diverging and distributing grooves to take away heat by means of air flow. The heat sink has a high density and provides a heat dissipation area, which fully guarantees the heat dissipation requirements of the LED and has a longer service life. long.

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