Use of submersible pumps for normal operation

Well used submersible pump mainly used two kinds of flooding and oil immersion, are composed of two parts of the pump and motor. In order to ensure the normal operation of the pump, it must be carried out as follows.

1. Electric pump before use, the application of megger to check the motor insulation resistance, the minimum value of not less than 5 megohm. Check the method is to connect a megohmmeter on the electric pump cable terminal block, the other terminal connected to the motor housing, the megger, shake, observe the insulation resistance.

2. Check the cable to crack, abrasion and other phenomena, if damaged should be promptly replaced to prevent leakage.

3. Water immersion motor should open the irrigation bolts, filled with clean water, tighten the bolts, and then dive into the water. Oil immersed motor, such as the discovery of oil spills, seal components should be replaced before diving into the water.

4. Pumping into the water before the pump should be filled with water pump, empty 1-2 minutes, and start 2 times, check idling and start normal. If you turn the opposite, the two-phase wiring can be exchanged.

5. Check whether the crack Yang pipes, the connection is solid.

6. Do not pull the pump when diving into the water or lifting, in order to avoid damage to the cable or the joint at the disconnect.

7. The supply voltage should be controlled within 5% of the rated voltage. If the voltage is too high or too low, the motor will be damaged.

8. Electric pump into the water should be vertical, not diagonal.

9. Pumps shall not be transported more water or mud sediment. Flooding motor should always clean the motor cavity sand, replace the motor cavity of water.

10. The actual pump lift should be within the rated head of 0.8-1. This can improve the efficiency of electric pump, saving, to avoid motor overload operation, extend the service life.

11. After the electric pump, it should be cleaned, coated with anti-rust oil on the metal surface and stored in a dry place vertical. Flooding motor should also be placed within the clean water motor.

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