Time-honored Revo FR400E-RG grabber research and development

In order to develop a new variety in the construction machinery industry where the product category is almost saturated, the difficulty is about ten times that of 50 years ago. This has prompted many engineering machinery companies to invest in R&D in the direction of domain segmentation, but even so, it is not difficult to create new products that lead the sub-sectors in a short period of time. However, Revo, which has always been based on customer needs for innovation, has created this miracle. The Revo FR400E-RG grabber, which was born out of the excavator but has a unique and innovative function, is less than two years from the 2017 demand survey to the 2018 R&D. Its product quality and various functions have far surpassed similar products and are in a leading position in China. During the first show of the BMW Grand Prix, the Revo FR400E-RG gripper with a liftable cab and special steel claws made its debut, attracting countless eyes.

Revo FR400E-RG grabber

In the construction machinery industry, Revo's brand awareness and quality of various products have been highly praised. Its agents are distributed throughout the country, and many of them have deep cooperative relations with central enterprises and state-owned enterprises. The birth of the FR400E-RG grabber was developed based on the needs of some central enterprise cooperation units that cooperated with Revo agents. Guo Gang, product manager of Lovol grabber explained: “Many central enterprises have steel mills, coal yards, and lumber mills with very large cargo loading and unloading capacity. The demand for more efficient and stable grippers is also extremely strong, and the traditional The picking machine has been unable to meet the needs of customers.” In response to this situation, Revo conducted in-depth exchanges with customers in various industries through field research, collected a large amount of data, and effectively grasped their demand points, and combined with traditional picking The shortcomings of the machine and the advantages of competing equipment were comprehensively analyzed. After that, the Lovol finite element engineer will create a high-matching data model based on the actual situation, and then let the model in the virtual verification center to test the product structural strength, hydraulic system, and thermal balance system until the highest required standard. After that, Lovol based on the powerful features and advanced technology of the 30-ton excavator, carried out the innovative research and development of the FR400E-RG gripper. It can be said that the birth of the Lovol FR400E-RG gripper was born in time, although It is not a completely innovative product in the industry but it is better than a new product.

Revo FR400E-RG grabber

Especially in terms of control technology, inherited from the electrical control technology of the Lovol FR370E excavator and the powerful engine, the efficiency of the FR400E-RG gripper in the work has surpassed that of the similar traditional products. During the demonstration, Manager Guo explained in detail: “With electrical control, we can control the hydraulic flow at any time according to the working conditions, adjust the power of the engine, and adjust the operation of the gripper, the length of the arm and the speed of rotation. And it is simple." Indeed, in different working environments, such as coal yards, steel plants, garbage disposal stations, the shape of the grabs handled by the grabbers, transportation equipment, and working environment are all the same, which requires the handling of materials. The machine has strong adaptability, simple and efficient control and adjustment ability. At this point, the advanced design of the Lovol FR400E-RG gripper is very suitable, which not only reduces the labor intensity of the workers, but more importantly improves the work efficiency.

Revo Visualization Panel

In addition, the FR400E-RG grabber has a bigger highlight: the automated liftable cab expands the operator's operational field of view. In this regard, Manager Guo explained: “The picking machine is a special operation equipment, which requires a very clear position of the grab, and the requirements for the field of view are extremely high.” In this respect, the FR400E-RG gripper made a breakthrough. The innovation has greatly increased the range of cab lift. Previously, the maximum lifting height of other pick-up machines in the industry was 2.4 meters. After the birth of the FR400E-RG grabber, the record was broken and the maximum rise height reached 2.6 meters. Although there is only a difference of 2 decimeters, the field of view and the operable range have been greatly improved! In addition, the cab of the Revo FR400E-RG gripper has been fully automated and the operator can easily adjust the height of the cab of the equipment with the foot control button until it reaches a desired height, and its stability is also Achieve a high level of security, allowing users to use more assured. Compared to the traditional fixed lift, this is undoubtedly a transcendence innovation. Manager Guo added: "Automatic lifting cab can reduce the operator's operating intensity, and can control the equipment more carefully, improve the operating efficiency of the equipment, and bring more value to customers."

When it comes to construction machinery and equipment, its energy efficiency is an important factor in testing whether the product meets customer needs. For the FR400E-RG grabber, the energy efficiency of the product has been fully considered since the beginning of research and development. The hydraulic system developed by the Revo Japan Engineering Center is a leading stage in the world, providing energy saving for the product. The best technical support. Another factor that affects the quality of the equipment is intelligence, and the Lovol FR400E-RG grabber visual operation panel with intelligent operating system allows customers to use the equipment more efficiently, comfortably and quickly. Manager Guo said with confidence: “With visual panels, intelligent hubs, any operation of the equipment, and operating modes can be easily controlled, and customers can also set custom modes according to working conditions or their own ideas, very human. Chemical."

It can be said that the FR400E-RG gripper integrates advanced functions into one, the research and development ideas come from the customer's needs, and the product function quality is higher than the customer's demand. It is worth mentioning that Revo is not only focusing on a gripper, but has already developed and developed for customers. In the future, it will develop 300 series and 450 series according to market demand. Manager Guo added: "The FR400E-RG picker matches the standard grab weight of 1 ton. If the customer's demand for grab weight is increased, the tonnage needs to be upgraded, and vice versa. Therefore, our next step is based on the market. Changes, do the corresponding product development, and we are ready." (This article is from Revo)

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