The world's largest full CNC spiral bevel is officially launched in Changsha

The world's largest full CNC spiral bevel gear grinding machine was officially announced in Changsha. This move marks that China's CNC equipment industry has reached the international leading level.

Large-scale, high-precision spiral bevel gears are the core components of advanced power plants, and are urgently needed for China's large ships, locomotives, mining metallurgical equipment, energy mining equipment and defense military equipment. Since processing technology and core processing equipment have been monopolized by foreign countries, domestic demand has relied entirely on imports in the past. The long supply cycle and high price have restricted the independent innovation and manufacturing capabilities of China's large equipment manufacturing industry.

At the same time, a few foreign companies with the ability to produce high-precision spiral bevel gears with a diameter of 0.8 m mainly use scraping process, which has defects such as poor processing precision and low processing efficiency, and this technology is only a few in Germany and the United States. Several companies have mastered that their processing equipment is forbidden to export to China. It only costs more than US$200 million in foreign exchange to import large-size bevel gears every year.

In order to solve this key technical problem, Hunan Zhongda Chuangyuan's technical team made breakthroughs on the basis of mastering the core technology of spiral bevel gear CNC machining machine tools, arduously breaking through the difficulties of design and engineering technology. For the first time, high-precision bevel gear grinding with a diameter of 1 m is realized.

Authoritative sources commented that the successful launch of the product marks the world's first use of grinding technology, finishing large-size bevel gears become a reality, is a revolution in the world gear processing technology has greatly improved the equipment industry in China and the world. s level.

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