The way out is also the green chemical technology

Yao Xianping, president of the Hangzhou Institute of Chemical Industry, said in an interview with reporters recently that there are many ways to go in the chemical reaction. Perhaps 99 out of 100 roads will cause pollution, but there must be a road. Not polluted. Therefore, China's chemical industry must get rid of the current "discussions" dilemma, there is no more way out to choose, can only make every effort to find that "green channel."

Green chemical technology may be the way that President Yao Xianping said!

After nearly five years of exploration and continuous improvement, the Zhejiang green chemical technology project has achieved encouraging results. It also brings inspiration to local governments and the chemical industry under the pressure of environmental protection: the development of the economy can not be separated. Chemical industry, but chemical industry will bring the consequences of environmental pollution. Although this is an irreconcilable contradiction, the ultimate solution can be completely solved through the development and application of green chemical technology. Protecting the environment is the responsibility of the entire society. Therefore, governments, industries, enterprises, and research institutes should take the initiative to join this ranks to form a concerted effort to find sustainable development.

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Vacuum Brazed Liquid Cold Plates Heat Exchanger

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