The pioneers of rural roads, Sany “pressing fast” rural construction highlights

Since the introduction of the "pressing fast" series, Sany has been favored by customers. Among them, this device can also be said to have "get out of the hall and get into the kitchen." Not only do major national highway projects love it, even rural areas. Road construction is also very popular with this device.

According to many customer feedbacks, the Sany SSR series hydraulic compactor has a very stable compaction. The soft start is very good. The work done on the country road is very beautiful. At the same time, its EFI control is more accurate than the mechanical type. In the countryside, Even if there is no professional driver, the owner's own operation can meet the requirements of working conditions, and can overcome many mechanical rollers can not customer service problems.

Trinity's "faster" construction highlights

high temperature

In a desert area near Huoyan Mountain in Xinjiang, the daily surface temperature is as high as 50°. The owner of the vehicle indicates that the Trinity SSR220AC-8 has extremely high temperature-resistance characteristics, and even if it is hottest, continuous high-temperature operation is not required.

Trinity roller construction


In the rough and rugged conditions of this type of road gravel, generally, road rollers often exhibit unstable walking and compacted road surfaces, while the Sany “faster” dual-frequency dual-amplitude vibration mode has large excitation force. Soft start, compacted road surface.

Trinity roller construction

Loose soil

In general, the wet geology of the land will cause the soil to be soft, and the equipment will be difficult to advance when it is under construction. However, Sany “presses quickly” using a large-displacement vibration motor and a vibratory pump, which has low system pressure, high reliability, and start-up time. Shorter work efficiency.

Trinity roller construction

steep slope

The steep slope is one of the common working conditions of the road roller construction. The Sanyi SSR220AC-8 has a 147kW high-power engine and has strong climbing ability and can climb 30% of the slope.

Trinity roller construction

The so-called “better news” is better than the first sight. The “pressing quickly” on March 1st is the leading reform of Sany’s all-hydraulic technology. It gathers countless people’s efforts and numerous advanced R&D technologies. Undoubtedly, it has withstood the harshest of the market. test. (This article is from Trinity )

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