The inevitable development of structural adjustment of domestic machine tool industry

In 2014, the country will continue to grow steadily and adjust its structure. Under this environment, the industry must adjust its existing industrial structure and exert high-end on the basis of the existing mid-end results. On the one hand, it needs to face foreign products and joint venture products. The competitive pressure of the domestic mid-end market, on the other hand, must increase R&D, squeeze into the high-end market, and get rid of the grim situation that is subject to people.

In terms of R&D, the company implements an innovative development strategy based on the existing special support of the country, with the enterprise as the theme and innovation as the driving force. In view of the fact that the machine tool belongs to an industry with large investment and slow effect, it is impossible to achieve long-term development only by the company's own efforts. A number of companies participate in common technology research and development, and at the same time introduce research institutions to participate in the implementation of public-private partnerships (PPP) to promote research and development; national level needs to increase basic research investment and R & D personnel training.

In 2014, it will develop steadily on the basis of 2013. It is expected that the output will increase slightly, the import demand will remain large, but the demand will be more biased towards high-end products, and the mid-end products will also increase after the implementation of local market-oriented services abroad. . With the sharp increase in demand for important equipment manufacturing industries such as defense, aviation, high-speed rail, automobiles and molds, China has also achieved rapid development, and its technology has made remarkable progress in high-speed, composite, precision, multi-axis and other aspects. A series of breakthroughs. However, there is still a big gap between accuracy and reliability and foreign countries.

The level, variety and production capacity of the machine tool directly reflect the comprehensive strength of a country's industry. The birth of China is slightly lagging behind the United States and Germany. It has experienced nearly half of the world's development. China's far behind Germany, the United States, Japan, etc. The country and the domestic market are mainly low-end economy and mid-range popularization, with 70% to 80% of the market share and 90% of the numerical control system (popular and advanced) being occupied by foreign investors.

Low-end products China's enterprises have a certain strength, but the high-end is still short-board, and high-end is necessary for the four major fields of aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding and power generation equipment manufacturing, and is essential for industrial upgrading, although the state has implemented High-end and basic manufacturing equipment, a major project of science and technology, and plans to base 80% of the high-end and basic manufacturing equipment required for the four major fields in 2020, but currently only a large-scale high-efficiency CNC automatic stamping production line of Jiji Machine Tool has successfully realized commercialization. Still need to continue to work on key components and high-end CNC systems.