The future direction: Packaging machinery is not just stand-alone but a full production line

After many years of market development, our country has transformed from a large-scale use of packaging machinery to a major manufacturing country for packaging machinery. Our next goal is to transform our packaging machinery into a powerful country. In the past, we have experienced a serious situation in domestic equipment, and this To a certain extent, it also curbed the development of the entire packaging machinery industry.

Now we want to strengthen our domestic equipment, and urgently need the support of supporting technology, so that the situation of single machine has been completely improved, and the entire packaging production line has become a trend in the development of the entire packaging industry.

Heilongjiang “Two High” Weighing Packing Line Project passed the acceptance of the “High-Speed ​​High-Precision High-Speed ​​High-Precision Weighing Packaging Pallet Complete Production Line Based on FFS” of Heilongjiang Science and Technology Major New Product Project through the acceptance of the Science and Technology Department of the province.

The project was undertaken by Harbin Boss Automation Co., Ltd., breaking through the technologies of flexible bag making, rapid material filling, high-temperature film fusion and low-temperature curing sealing control, low-friction anti-static and artificial intelligence-based fault diagnosis, and achieved seven Patent. The packaging speed of related products reached a stable rate of 1608 bags/hour, 25 kilograms/bag, and weighing accuracy of ±0.2%, reaching the international advanced level of similar products.

In daily life, most of the products that people come into contact with are single. Although there are multiple products together, this is relatively rare. However, for product manufacturers, it is often necessary to The products are shipped to the sales area, and at this point they need to be packaged with a baler. In fact, the original product packaging is conducive to the transport of the product, but some products need to be transported far away, and then the packaging can not meet our requirements, then you need to use the baler to the product plus the first protection .

In recent years, there are four major categories of packaging machinery market demand ● bag forming - filling - sealing series packaging machine is widely used in bag packaging, demand is great, especially after the food market is invigorated, flour, rice and other small packaging needs a lot, Develop series of packaging equipment suitable for different types of materials to solve the product's adaptability, compatibility and reliability, and develop in the direction of versatility, automation and high speed.

● Medical packaging machinery and packaging materials A variety of Chinese and Western medicine processing equipment, especially the modern machinery and equipment processing of traditional Chinese medicines, is an important issue. It is urgently needed to solve traditional Chinese medicine slice, tablet, injection, paste, powder and pill processing and shelf life issues. A variety of pharmaceutical processing and packaging equipment, especially high-speed, automated, multi-functional packaging machinery and its corresponding supporting composite packaging materials.

● Convenient food production equipment The market demand for convenient food processing complete sets of equipment has been increasing. According to the market survey, people are demanding instant noodles, convenient rice noodles, dried noodles, hollow powder, instant porridge, and steamed bread, buns, dumplings, and other convenience foods that are nutritious, high-grade, and delicious. In addition, the prospects of traditional food processing, elderly and baby food processing equipment are also optimistic and should be focused on development.

● Deep-processing equipment for food and edible oil Deep-processing equipment for food and edible oil will maintain a growth rate of 20% to 30% during the Ninth Five-Year Plan period. It is expected that these products will surely bring about some new packaging equipment, such as disposable paper lunch boxes, paper cup bowls, etc., while maintaining a high growth rate during the “10th Five-Year Plan” period of the new century.

Brief analysis of the domestic packaging machinery industry Today, China's packaging machinery industry is becoming more and more difficult in the development process. The first reason is that there is a great competition among domestic peers, and secondly, there is a certain foundation for market development, and new equipment is difficult to develop. Therefore, changing the current market has become an urgent problem to be solved. Only when we are dedicated to R&D and master the direction of market development can we meet the needs of the market.

In today's society, with the improvement of people's level, the sales volume of products has also been continuously increasing. At the same time, the packaging of products has attracted more and more attention from people, but as a baling machine for packaging machinery. However, due to the shortage of the market, the baler will encounter great opportunities and challenges in the development of the market. In today's era, the continuous upgrading of products and the continuous development of high technology have made the balers somewhat inadequate. If they are a little behind, they will be eliminated by the market. However, in the face of this problem, packaging machine manufacturers must change their policies, change their previous concepts, and know how to change before they can get on track, so as to achieve stable development. Facing this problem, we must first strengthen independent innovation, introduce advanced equipment and technologies, improve the system, increase productivity, and so on. Only in this way can we apply the development of the society to solve this current situation and develop steadily in the market.

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Packaging production line robots greatly avoid industrial accidents In recent years, the rapid development of China's packaging industry, related to the packaging machinery and equipment and technology has also been more and more rapid development. With the increasing automation of packaging machinery, robots, as the most competitive technology in automation technology, are suitable for repetitive, rapid, accurate, and dangerous work.

The use of automated robotic production lines can not only greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, but also bring significant benefits to users. With the continuous improvement of the level of enterprise automation, the market for robotic automated production lines will surely become larger and larger, and will gradually become the mainstay of automated production lines. form. The food, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, feed, building materials, and logistics industries have used a large number of automated packaging robot production lines to ensure product quality and increase production efficiency, while avoiding a large number of accidents at work.

In addition, manufacturers are looking for lower production costs. Robots naturally assume this important role because robots can not only lead to lower costs, but also bring more flexibility. Packaging robots are becoming known to more and more companies. More people will choose to use it because of their flexible and reliable advantages. Robots will replace many traditional equipment and become important assistants in the packaging field.

The practice of using packaging robots in nearly half a century in many countries around the world has shown that the popularity of packaging robots is an effective means to realize automated production, increase social production efficiency, and promote the development of enterprises and social productivity. Robotics is a forward-looking and strategic high-tech field. Packaging robot automated production line equipment has become the mainstream of automation equipment, and the popularity of domestic packaging robots will sooner or later.

Packaging robots are advanced in technology, precise and intelligent, and have realized increased production, improved quality, reduced costs, reduced resource consumption and environmental pollution. This is the highest level of automation in packaging machinery; packaging robot technology upgrades a new generation of human strength and intelligence Production tools are an important means for achieving digital, automation, networking, and intelligence in production. It can be seen that packaging robots have a promising future in the industry.

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