The development of dryer equipment drives the machinery industry

According to industry association statistics, the dryer market in China has broad prospects, and it has formed a certain scale of development. The types and types of equipment are also constantly increasing and expanding. Now the dryers have already reflected their contributions to the industry in our field of development. With multi-field and multi-functional development methods and techniques, our market has begun to find more suitable models and constant productivity in our field development cooperation.

So now the dryer has been found to suit its own development path, starting to take its own path in the market, but we still take the customer as a basic starting point to meet their needs, providing our market with a variety of development conditions With the support, the development of the dryer in the industry has become more smooth, and the field cooperation will be continuously expanded.

The market of sawdust dryers has found its own suitable fields and industries in the industry, and has begun to contribute more development efforts and space in the market. Under the influence of development, it has promoted the entire industry. The economic development, through the cooperation with enterprises, will increase the efficiency and production opportunities continuously, and become the key supporter and promoter of market development.

Die Forging Parts

We are equiped with 8000T/4000T/1600T/1000T friction press production line, that capable of making die forgings with mass 5kg-500kg.

Forging Die Design,Closed Die Forging Press,Hot Closed Die Forging,Closed Die Forging Process

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