The company's 2016 results were honored, and the final HK$123.873 million convertible bonds were issued.

壹 Lighting announced that if the company announced on May 13, 2015, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary intends to acquire the entire share capital of Top Investor Global Limited for HK$35.725 million. The consideration was paid by the wholesale bank convertible bonds, of which 30%, or HK$10,17,500,000 was paid after the completion of the acquisition; the remaining 70%, or HK$25.507 million, required the Target Group to reach a profit guarantee and then divide it into 2 wholesale banks. On 26 February 2016, the Company has issued a convertible bond with a total principal amount of HK$12,622,000 after the Target Group's 2015 results have been determined. The Board of Directors announced that the Target Group's net profit for 2016 was approximately HK$1.827 million, which was in line with the promise of the agreement. Therefore, the company has issued a convertible bond with a principal amount of HK$12,387,300 to the seller on March 2, 2017.

Square Vibration Sieving Machine

Hywell Machinery company proffesional to design and manufacture the Square Vibrating Classifier/Square Vibration Sieve that include Square Vibrating Sieve,Foodstuff Square Sieve,Granule Vibrating Sieve , welcome to contact us and we will offer competitive price !

Vibration Sieving Machine main to separate the different size materials and get uniform materials. it main to install the step that after Drying Machine or Pulverizer Machine. when customer want to get uniform size materials , we will recommend the different machine to reach customer requirement, the Vibration Sieving Machine be made all stainless steel and the machine constraction also meet the requirements of GMP.

Square Vibration Sieving Machine,Salt Vibrating Sieve,Square Vibrating Classifier,Granule Vibration Sifter

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