The calorimeter experiment time is too long reason and solution

Calorimeter experiment time is too long:

1. Calorimeter barrel level is not enough solution:

(1) The drain valve leaks, clean or replace the drain valve (2) The outer bucket is not filled with water and the outer bucket pump is full 2. Calorimeter main engine stirring problem Cause: Stirring efficiency is not enough Solution:

(1 Stirring motor is weak, replace the motor (2) Stirring motor and stirring rod are not connected well, then stir rod (3) Stirring rod position is not correct, adjust the fixed sleeve (4) The stirring blade angle is wrong, the blade is adjusted to a 45 degree angle (5) The calorific value of the sample is too low, add additives 3. Problems to be noted when using additives: Calorimeter (1) The known caloric value of benzoic acid, standard coal, and mirror paper can all be used as additives.

(2) The tested coal sample and additives should be mixed evenly.

(3) The sum of the weights of the coal sample and additive to be measured should be about 1 gram, and the total calorific value should not be lower than 18000J or higher than 30000J.

(4) Before the calorimeter experiment, enter the calorific value (J/g) of the additive in the calorific value of the additive of the system setting. When testing, add the weight of the additive to the corresponding column. At the end of the test, Micro Opportunity automatically subtracts the calorific value of the additive from the result.

4. The probe is not in the correct position and is adjusted to the correct position.

5. Scale around the probe and remove it for cleaning.

The above is the brief reason and solution for the excessively long time for the calorimeter experiment. Specific problems have to be analyzed concretely.

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