The advantages of cross-strait LED industry complement each other to create a world-class lighting industry

The 2014 Cross-Strait LED Industry Cooperation and Exchange Conference was held today, gathering more than 150 industry heavyweights from both sides. The topics covered the development of cross-strait LED industry and deepening cross-strait cooperation strategy, cross-strait common standards and testing, LED lighting verification and application, LED lighting product technology and application, and cross-strait LED pilot and industry cooperation and exchange. The cross-strait LED industry cooperation and exchange meeting has entered its sixth year this year, and has completed a number of specific results, including through the promotion of common standards, cross-strait interactive certification and testing, so that manufacturers of Taiwan LED lighting products need not be sent to the mainland. It can accelerate the investment in the mainland market and significantly enhance the competitiveness of products in Taiwan. In addition, through the launch of the Heilongjiang cold ground pilot and the Changhua HV (high voltage) LED smart lighting pilot, the company successfully promoted cross-strait cooperation to create the Russian market and establish new business models and models. Liu Junting, director of the Institute of Electro-optics of the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, pointed out that LED is an emerging green energy industry with great development potential. In 2013, the total output value of LED lighting in Taiwan was NT$219.5 billion (RMB 45.44 billion), LED in Taiwan. The industry has a comparative advantage in component R&D, process technology and quality control, and LED chip total revenue is the world's first, reaching 1.58 billion US dollars (about 9.693 billion yuan). At present, the mainland's advantage lies in the vast domestic demand market and the government's high support, as well as the huge business opportunities behind the 12th Five-Year Plan. It is estimated that the future market share will gradually increase, hoping to combine the advantages of both sides to achieve a win-win situation in energy conservation and industrial development. . Following the pilot projects in Xiamen and Heilongjiang, with the support of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, ITRI has the opportunity to cooperate with Taiwanese manufacturers, mainland manufacturers and Daye University to promote the first pilot in Taiwan, introducing innovative HV intelligent lighting technology and establishing automatic Adjust the brightness and parking space to guide the smart parking lot, and enhance the space atmosphere of the gallery and the auditorium with context lighting. Over the years, ITRI has been committed to research and development of key technologies for the upper, middle and lower reaches of the LED industry, and has continued to invest in R&D and innovation to enhance and accelerate the application of LED lighting, so that the cross-strait LED industry will develop towards higher value.

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