Siemens actuator, controller RWD failure details

Siemens actuators:
(1) The actuator does not move
a. The actuator is not powered, the indicator light in the junction box is not lit, check the line.
b. The actuator is in the manual state (see the installation instruction section). After the power is turned off, use the manual knob or the crank to return it to the automatic state.
c. The output signal terminal is connected incorrectly, usually the Y terminal is connected to the M terminal of the controller.
d, there is slag or foreign matter blocking in the valve
e. The valve stem is deformed by thermal expansion and is locked. It is necessary to loosen the pressure plug.
Method of operation: Rotate the tamper counterclockwise.
Note: Do not loosen too much, causing leakage at the stem
f, the circuit board is short-circuited by moisture
(2) The actuator only moves within part of the stroke
a. The valve stem and actuator are not connected correctly and reconnected.
b, the travel limit is set in the controller PS4 menu
c. There is welding slag or foreign matter in the valve.
(3) The actuator only moves in one direction
a, the wiring is wrong, adjust the wiring.
b, the circuit board is damaged, please contact us.
(4) Actuator action is noisy
Analysis: The heat transfer efficiency is too high, and the proportional band parameter settings do not match and need to be reset.
Siemens controller:
(1) After power is turned on, the controller does not display or only partially displays
Analysis: a, zero / fire line (N / L) wiring may be reversed, please use the test pencil to check and re-wire.
b. The transformer fails and is checked with a test pencil. If it is damaged, it needs to be replaced.
c, the controller is invalid, please contact us.
(2) The controller's original setting parameters are lost.
Analysis: a, may have re-selected the curve number in the PS1 menu, you need to reset.
b. Some useless parameters may be activated during the setting process, and need to be reset.
(3) The controller displays Err, the sensor may be disconnected, and if the line is checked, the sensor is damaged.
(4) The controller displays an abnormal temperature and is too far from the actual temperature.
Analysis: The sensor is shorted or malfunctioning. If it is damaged, please contact us.

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