Shenyang Wanda Commercial Plaza fire 9 dead mostly for sales office staff (Figure)

Shenyang Wanda Commercial Plaza fire 9 dead mostly for sales office staff (Figure)
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On August 28, rescue workers were rescuing the wounded. In the afternoon of the same day, a fire broke out in the “Wanda Plaza” real estate project in Shenyang Tiexi.

On August 28, the wounded were treated with oxygen in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber of the Fifth People’s Hospital of Shenyang. At 14:54 that day, a fire broke out at the sales office of Wanda Commercial Plaza in Tiexi District, Shenyang City, killing nine people and injuring nine people. After preliminary investigation, the fire was caused by the failure of the sandbox circuit on the first floor of the sales office.
On the afternoon of August 28, a fire broke out at the sales office of Wanda Commercial Plaza in Tiexi District, Shenyang City, killing nine people and injuring nine people. The deceased were mostly sales office staff.
The reporter learned from the Liaoning Provincial Fire Department that at 14:54 on the 28th, a fire broke out at the sales office of the Wanda Commercial Plaza in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, and smoke blew out from the window of the sales center. According to subsequent investigations, the point of fire was the sandbox location on the first floor of the sales center. Due to the large amount of flammable materials such as exhibition boards and banners used for publicity in the sales hall, and the sandbox was made of toxic and flammable materials, the fire quickly spread to the second floor and blocked the export of the sales hall within a short time.
After receiving the alarm from the fire brigade of the Shenyang Public Security Bureau, they rushed to the scene at 15:04, and rescued more than 40 people in the sales office. Since the sales office is a three-story building with a glass curtain wall and there is only one exit on the first floor, the rescue work is very difficult. Firefighters set up ladders to rescue people from the broken glass windows on the second floor.
Rescued people were quickly sent to the nearby Shengjing Hospital Gliding School Area; the wounded were mostly burns and respiratory tract damage.
Tiexi Wanda Plaza was officially opened in just eight days. But in the past two years, the sales center has been selling nearby homes, apartments and shopping malls. Only eight days after the start of business, it was a heavy fire. Everything that can be seen in the sales office is black after the fire. The glass wall outside the sales office has bursts from the first floor to the third floor.
The person in charge of the Shenyang Fire Fighting Detachment told the reporter that after the initial investigation on the site, the fire was caused by a fault in the sand tray circuit of the sales office on the first floor, and the specific reason was still under investigation.
Shenyang fire brigade fire prevention expert told reporters that the real estate sandbox model caught fire and caused heavy casualties. This is the first time that it has been reported to the Ministry of Public Security. The reporter learned that the area of ​​the sand table that caused the fire was about 50 square meters and 0.5 meters high.
The fire protection expert also analyzed that in accordance with the regulations of the fire department, a three-storey sales office like this must be equipped with a certain amount of hand-held fire-fighting equipment. If the sandbox is discovered in time after a fire, using fire-extinguishing equipment to control the fire within the first time and waiting for firefighters to rescue will not result in such a large fire.
Wanda Commercial Plaza is the second commercial real estate project of Dalian Wanda Group in Shenyang. It is located at the junction of Shenliao Middle Road and Xinghua South Street in Tiexi District. The property is a combination of residential, leisure, entertainment, department stores, hotels, apartments and other functions. Sales have been hot since the opening. The commercial plaza officially opened on August 20, and it only took eight days for the sales office to suffer heavy fires.
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