Self-drive car rental preferred fashion new Jin Xuan

The most beautiful April day! Going to a “small and fresh” city for a long trip will bring you the scenery, blowing the sea breeze, and taking pictures. It will be the best trip ever. In order to freely and willingly embrace this wish, for those friends who have not yet purchased a private car, the popular car rental is undoubtedly the best way to allow you to exempt the group from forced shopping and escape the bus. Congestion is not a time-consuming task. So, which car is the best car rental car? Xiaobian sincerely recommends "fashion and fashion is the most fashionable" high-performance SUV new Jin Hyun!

When you come to a “small and fresh” style city, you will naturally have to take a large art piece. Therefore, the appearance of the car cannot be neglected. Xin Jin Hyun follows the appearance of Mitsubishi's famous racing car EVO, using a classic shark mouth design, coupled with HID headlights that are not angry from Granville, and dynamic picking waistline, full of sports sense, coupled with a fresh artistic background, “dynamic + Mori's mashup style has a special charm and is more eye-catching than you! Even the appearance party's car rental party must not completely ignore the vehicle's performance. Although the overall terrain is relatively flat for the self-driving tour of the city and suburbs, the passing requirements for vehicles are not harsh. Renting a SUV like the new Jin Hyun seems to be a bit of a "fighting against mosquitoes by anti-aircraft artillery," but it is actually necessary. Compared to cars, the higher chassis of the SUV will undoubtedly bring about a better vision. The Xinjinxuan 195mm ground clearance is one of the best in its class. This kind of chassis height will undoubtedly allow you to have a more open view of the blue sky and green trees, and enjoy the pleasant pleasure of integrating into the spring in minutes.

Now that we have chosen a distant place, we only care about passion. The new Jin Hyun 2.0L model is equipped with a 4B11 engine imported from Japan, with a maximum power of 123kW/6000rpm and a peak torque of 197N·m/4200rpm.

The purpose of tourism is to relax and relax. In order to enjoy a more enjoyable experience, it is important to rent a vehicle in addition to power control, and the comfort and convenience of interior design is also very important. In this regard, the new Jin Hyun has also done a very good job.

The new Jin Hyun front and rear seat design is very reasonable. The front seats are not only spacious in head distance, but also have a certain amount of wrapping. They are ergonomic and comfortable to sit on. The rear seats are equipped with a central armrest with a cup holder that provides support for the passenger's elbows and improves ride comfort. In the car configuration, the new Jin Hyun also equipped with GPS navigation, rearview mirror electric folding and other convenient travel settings, audio and video systems, cruise control, Bluetooth control, magnesium alloy shift paddles and other configurations are more compact in the steering wheel It is very convenient to operate around.
If there are a lot of luggage, the capacity of the new Jinxuan trunk is 384L. When the rear seats are down, it can completely put down 2-3 people's travel luggage. What's more worth mentioning is that the new Jin Hyun with a solid mass base is definitely the best choice! At present, in most cities with a "small fresh" temperament, we can see the new Jin Hyun active figure. In Xiamen, a pilgrimage site for “Artistic Youth”, the sales momentum of Xinjinxuan is a strong leader in the same class, becoming a “good idea” for many car rental companies. Tianxia Car Rental Company recently purchased 200 new products. Hyun, completed the delivery on April 18.

April is Fangfei, and it will be late to leave! Grab the spring tail and rent a new Hyun Hyun to go!

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