Sany Heavy Equipment launched seven coal mining equipment, all of which are the first in China.

On September 24th, Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd. in Shenyang Economic and Technological Development Zone became the test site for coal mining machine: seven large-scale machines for coal mining, which were launched by the company, all appeared in the country, nearly 200 from all over the country. Coal mine corporate customers made wonderful performances. The successful demonstration of these seven products marks that China has added domestic leading and world-class coal mining machinery products, indicating that Shenyang has added the top domestic coal mining machinery industry.

According to statistics, China's coal machinery market has a monthly share of 70 billion yuan, of which mining machinery accounts for 20%. However, in the past, China's large-scale coal mining equipment has been relying on imports. Soon after the establishment of Sany Heavy Equipment Co., Ltd., it began to enter the coal mining industry, and invested more than 30 million yuan to form the Coal Mining Equipment Research Institute to carry out the development of major coal mining machines. In less than three years, the company has launched seven products, including drilling and drilling machine, automatic tunneling machine, continuous mining machine, fool-type roadheader and anchoring machine. Among them, the automatic tunneling machine adopts navigation, numerical control and robot technology. It is the world's first automatic tunneling machine based on aerospace technology and capable of self-positioning. It can realize unmanned driving and automatic mining and reach the international first-class level.

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