SAIC Chase 3,147 vehicle sales in February increased by 10% year-on-year

In February, SAIC Chase sold 3,147 units of vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 10%. As of February 28, SAIC Datong sold 7,154 vehicles in total in 2017, an increase of 14% year-on-year, including 3,622 units of V80 cumulative sales and 3,509 units of G10 cumulative sales.

For SAIC Chase, the most concern for employees in February was the announcement of a new corporate vision and brand value.

Based on the new corporate vision and brand value, SAIC Datong starts from the core business source of the company, architects, tags, and intelligentizes user data. The C2B business is also based on such a big data operation center, driving the traditional manufacturing industry to intelligentize data. Transformation of the company; the Bank's MAXUS interactive platform, as an entry point for user participation, has already driven the entire system processes and systems, including the market, R&D, supply chain, and manufacturing companies, to open up the mystery of the car manufacturer to the user. The full transparency of the car process, and fully communicate with users to achieve their individual needs for automotive products.

On February 10th, the second station of SAIC Chase SUVD90 "I'm on my way" EP engineering vehicle global road test - Heihe Station was in full swing. As the tour leader, the star guest, the user avatar became the “tester” of the D90 and together with SAIC Chase professional engineers held the D90 super trial event at the gate of Europe and Asia. The user not only "expanded" the beautiful scenery of the Northland, but also carried out vehicle testing with engineers, calibrated the performance of the car's ESP, cold start, real-time commissioning and verification of the prototype car, imagined the polar driving experience, and experienced the world's first performance. C2B intelligent mass customization of automotive products endless charm.

The concept of C2B also merged into new product development and sales platforms such as the T60. Recently, the Changbai Mountain ice-snow test drive of SAIC Chase T60 pickup truck “Frozenly Cross-country” was on schedule. In the natural conditions of -20°C, ice and snow tests such as S-shaped bends, 8-character bends, ice-snow climbing, cross shafts, and sampan plates were performed, and comparison tests were conducted with the Isuzu D-MAX pickup. The Changbai Mountain ice and snow test drive, T60 pickup to complete the ice and snow to complete the challenge, perfect display of the precise control, strong power, overall security and other performance advantages. In an extreme environment, we let people have a deeper understanding of the true meaning of “epistemic pickup”.

Under the guidance of the brand-new value of “science and technology, trust, and enterprising”, electric, intelligent, networked, shared, and customized will all become the stage for SAIC Datong’s technological innovation. We will continue to increase the influence of China's auto brands on a global scale through the “Datong Speed”. Not only will we represent the “national vehicle” quality products represented by China’s wisdom to the world, but we will always build and strengthen the Chinese auto brands. Inheriting China’s self-reliance and self-confidence spirit is its mission, and it is committed to becoming a “precision” in China’s intellectual creation.

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We have got 220kV Transmission Line poles Quality Certificate from Power Industry Steel Tower Qualified Inspection & Test Center from 2001 year. Our steel poles are made from quality sheet through bending, forming, automatic welding and hot galvanization. We can reach one-run machining length of 14m and can bend sheet of thickness up to 45mm. We adopt advanced welding procedures, automatically weld main joints and reach rank-II welding quality.

We have supplied 2400ton 132kV and 220kV transmission line steel pole to WAPDA. Pakistan on 2008 and have supplied 1200ton 138kV transmission line steel pole to Davao light, Philippines on 2009.

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