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Oxygen valve in physical chemistry experiments, often to use oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon and other gases. These gases are generally stored in a dedicated high-pressure gas cylinder. When using the pressure reducing valve to gas pressure drop to the required range of experiments, and then through the other control valve fine-tuning, the gas input system. Oxygen valve is the most commonly used oxygen regulator, referred to as oxygen meter. First, the working principle of oxygen valve Oxygen valve high pressure chamber connected with the cylinder, low pressure chamber for gas exports, and leading to the use of the system. Indication of high pressure gauge is the pressure of gas stored in the cylinder. Low pressure gauge outlet pressure can be controlled by adjusting screw. Turn on the main switch when using, and turn the low pressure gauge pressure adjusting screw clockwise to compress the main spring and drive the diaphragm, spring pad and ejector lever to open the valve. Such imports of high-pressure gas from the high-pressure chamber after throttling decompression into the low-pressure chamber, and through the exit leading to the working system. Turn the adjustment screw to change the height of the valve opening to regulate the passage of high-pressure gas and achieve the desired pressure value. Oxygen valves are equipped with safety valve. It is to protect the pressure relief valve and make it safe to use the device, but also the valve failure signal device. If due to the valve pad, valve damage or for other reasons, resulting in the pressure on the outlet and rise above a certain allowable value, the safety valve will automatically open the exhaust. Second, the use of oxygen valves (1) according to the different requirements of use, oxygen valve has many specifications. Most of the highest import pressure, the minimum import pressure of not less than 2.5 times the outlet pressure. Export pressure specifications more generally, the maximum outlet pressure. (2) When installing the pressure reducing valve, make sure its connection specifications are consistent with the cylinder and the system using the connector. Pressure reducing valve and cylinder with hemispherical connection, by tightening the nut so that the two completely match. Therefore, the use of the two hemispherical surfaces should be kept clean to ensure a good airtight effect. Use high-pressure gas to blow off the dust before installation. If necessary, PTFE and other materials can also be used for gaskets. (3) oxygen valve should be prohibited contact with grease, so as to avoid fire accidents. (4) stop working, the relief valve should be more than air net, and then loosen the adjustment screw to prevent long-term compression of the elastic deformation. (5) Oxygen valve should avoid shock and vibration, not with corrosive substances. Third, other oxygen valves, gas pressure relief valve The use of these valves and precautions and oxygen valve is basically the same. However, it should also be noted that special pressure relief valves are generally not used for other gases. In order to prevent misuse, some special pressure reducing valve with a special connection between the cylinder. For example, hydrogen and propane are used left-tooth thread, also known as reverse thread, installation should pay special attention. This keyword search: Jiuding Automatic Control Equipment Co., Ltd. valve supply information

 Ability to form and integrate complex shapes

Due to the different technological process and material properties of traditional cast iron, it is possible to cast all kinds of complicated shapes that traditional cast iron cannot cast with mineral castings, and to achieve more complicated shapes with special gluing of mineral castings, so as to obtain ideal shapes.Mineral casting has a strong ability to integrate, can transmit type cutting fluid pipe, such as body, guide rail, cables, tubing, the trachea, connection, such as pouring into the mineral casting, for example, in the process of making machine frame, machine tool guide rail mounting plate can be directly with mineral casting casting, casting after the completion of the guide rail mounting plate can be milling, drilling and other machining, the installation has met the requirement of the surface (even in some mineral casting process of high precision, specific surface of castings can be directly as the installation of the guide rail surface).

Mineral castings have a coefficient of thermal expansion similar to that of steel and are well integrated with the materials cast into mineral castings.The integration performance of mineral castings saves users a lot of assembly and machining time, which greatly improves their production efficiency and economic benefits.

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