Non-toxic new battery charge for ten years to get rid of charging troubles

Almost everyone has had an experience that mobile phone batteries are becoming less and less durable. Is there a battery that does not need to be recharged every day to ensure sufficient power? American researchers gave a positive answer.

Researchers at the Harvard University's John Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Science have developed a new type of battery that, with it, you can get rid of charging troubles, because every time you fill it with electricity, you can use it for ten years! The British "Daily Mail" quoted the developer Dr. Michael Aziz as saying on the 13th that, in general, the life expectancy of a normal lithium battery after its full charge and discharge is over. But he and the researchers used a water-soluble ferrocene as a raw material to produce a flow battery, which improved the electrolyte molecules to make it stable and not easy to decay.

Not only that, the battery is not corrosive and non-toxic, and even if it leaks, it will not cause serious consequences like a lithium battery. Moreover, because of this, the battery does not need to be equipped with expensive anti-corrosion accessories, and the manufacturing cost is lower.

Currently, researchers are further improving the battery to apply it to industrial production as early as possible.

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