Network video intercom server software can access third-party manufacturers of cameras and intercom broadcasting terminal linkage is not?

1. Is it possible for the server software to connect to the camera of a third-party manufacturer and the intercom station?
The ONVIF protocol webcam accesses our system for real-time video viewing, but it cannot store and play back his video. Currently connected camera manufacturers are Haikang, Dahua, Yushi, and Kodak, if the newly connected camera can be accessed within 3 days as long as the device is provided.
1. What transmission protocols are supported by video intercom broadcasting terminals?
TCP, UDP, multicast transmission protocol, the use of these three transmission protocols is
TCP protocol : It is often used in internet radio intercom transmission. The advantage is that the data will not be lost when the network is not good in the transmission process. The disadvantage is that the intercom speaker broadcast delay is large.
UDP protocol : often used in LAN broadcast intercom transmission, the advantages of MP3 broadcast intercom shouting delay is low, the disadvantage is that the Internet transmission network will not appear in the case of packet loss
Multicast protocol : used in broadcast on the LAN. The advantage is that the broadcast task sent by the server is sent to the switch, and the switch forwards to all terminals to save the server load. The disadvantage is that it can only be in the same router under one LAN, and cannot cross the Internet.

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