Natural disasters may not be a disaster - ABS improves the driving and road safety of commercial vehicles

The sudden snowstorm before the Spring Festival was unprepared. Not only was the large-scale transportation route obstructed, but traffic accidents occurred one after another. Many highways, ordinary national highways, and urban roads have experienced severe freezing and snow cover, which seriously affect traffic safety. Long-distance passenger vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, and tanker trucks, which are used in such bad weather and road conditions, can cause dangerous situations and tragedies. When the road is slippery and the driver encounters an emergency brake when it encounters a dangerous situation, it will cause the wheels to lock up, cause the car to flick, the direction is out of control, and a series of serious auto accidents caused by the driver will cause disastrous damage to passengers and pedestrians. Both countries and enterprises will suffer severe economic losses for this purpose.

How to avoid dangerous situations? In addition to driving technology, customs, commercial vehicle brake control system is extremely necessary. Reduce the risk index through the control system and resist uncontrollable factors caused by force majeure. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a master of road safety protection. With ABS installed on the vehicle, the wheels can be rotated during the braking process to avoid losing control of the direction and wheel slip, and effectively reducing the braking distance to ensure the stability and operability of the vehicle. According to the study of the American Automobile Manufacturers Association AAMA and the International Automobile Manufacturers Association AAIM, ABS can reduce injuries by 13% on average road surfaces and 28% on wet roads.

WABCO, with a history of more than 130 years, is the authoritative supplier of commercial vehicle control systems. As early as 1981, WABCO and Mercedes-Benz Automotive pioneered the development of a "smart safety system" - commercial ABS. After more than 20 years of experience, WABCO ABS has been considered as the industry standard. They participated in the 2008 China (Suzhou) International Bus Exhibition (CIBE) held in Suzhou on March 3, and Busworld Asia (Shanghai Bus Expo Asia) on March 11th in Shanghai. WABCO's innovative products and high-end technologies have attracted many industry experts and bus manufacturers. Among the products they exhibited, such as electronically controlled braking systems, bipolar compression air compressors, and door control systems, ABS is particularly concerned.

According to Dr. Liu Liang, president of Asia Pacific, the value and role of ABS has been widely recognized in developed countries in the world, and many countries have begun to enact and promulgate laws and regulations that require commercial vehicles to install ABS systems. China had enacted relevant regulations in 2004. Currently, the assembly rate of ABS on passenger cars is relatively high but the assembly on trucks is very limited. This makes trucks without ABS a potential “killer on the street”. There is a serious threat to the safety of other vehicles. After understanding the current situation in China, after entering the Chinese market, WABCO has been cooperating with the government in promoting road safety construction and advocating the use of ABS and other safety systems in commercial vehicles.

According to NHTSA statistics from the US National Traffic Safety Administration, over the past 25 years, the ABS system has saved the lives of nearly 15,000 North American drivers. A major US insurance company conducted a five-year investigation (1989-1993) on the US fleet. The survey involved a total of more than 360 million kilometers of transportation itinerary, and concluded that ABS made medium-sized and Traffic accidents for heavy commercial vehicles are reduced by 92% per year, and from an absolute figure, it decreases from 66 per year to 5 per year. Therefore, the use of ABS to significantly improve the role of traffic safety is obvious, it can be seen that the application of commercial vehicle control systems such as ABS is critical for road safety. In China, where the accidents are frequent, the government's move to implement ABS is indeed based on actual conditions.

After the snowstorm, the affected areas have been actively involved in post-disaster reconstruction. The topic of road safety should not be forgotten as the snowstorm ends. After all, "security" should be the first priority. The issue of road safety cannot be solved by the government alone. It requires the common concern and cooperation of relevant manufacturers in every link of the entire automotive industry chain. Natural disasters are inevitable. Man-made disasters can be actively avoided from the technical perspective. Focus on road safety, starting with ABS.

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