Misunderstanding of Engine Oil Consumption on Sprinkler Truck Chassis

There are certain misunderstandings about the use of chassis oil by friends of the sprinkler drivers: It is considered that the oil is cut off as full as possible. In their opinion, the more oil added, the better the lubrication of the engine, and it can also reduce the frequency of filling oil and save time and money.

Sounds like this, but what is the actual situation?

According to experts, if too much water is added to the sprinkler, it will not only increase the internal power loss of the engine, but also increase fuel consumption because the increased oil splashed on the cylinder wall will easily generate burning oil, resulting in poor lubrication of the engine. It can be seen that the more oil is not added, the better.

The amount of oil on the chassis of the sprinkler should be controlled within a reasonable range, that is, between the upper and lower markings of the oil scale so that the best efficiency can be achieved.

Welding Head Type

It is a kind of arc surfacing welding under the cover of melting flux or ceramic flux .

Surfacing Welding:Small pipe surfacing configuration---light Column&boom ,turning rolls,Wire/Strip surfacing machine or specialized wire/strip.

Strip surfacing Welding ,replacing wire with metal strip as the welding electrode ,is a kind of arc surfacing welding under the cover of melting flux or ceramic flux.It is widely used in the field of chemical industry and pressure vessel,such as wear resistance and anti-corrosion layer surfacing welding or metal roller's repairing surfacing welding.

Hanging Welding Head

The strip surfacing welding head HYKJ-DJ60-120 researched and manufactured by our company is a mature product ,which is combined ten years exprience and absorbed other companies'advanced features.And it has been successfully applied in strip surfacing welding produce gets a very gratifying economic benefit.

Devices equipped with combination

1 Wire electored SAW adopts C&B ,general turning rolls and wire electrode SAW machine.

2 Strip surfacing machine adopts heavy type C&B ,heavy type positioner and strip surfacing machine.

3 Narrow gap SAW adopts heavy type C&B ,heavy type anti-creep turning roll and narrow gap SAW machine.

Main Technology parameter



Saddle Welding And Cutting Machine2

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