Luzhou rare earth mine stopped production due to price decline in June

On the 10th, it was learned from relevant parties that the price of rare earth ore and rare earth products continued to decline due to the rapid increase in the amount of rare earth mining in other provinces (cities), which damaged the interests of most rare earth processing enterprises and mineral enterprises in Chenzhou City and disrupted the normal market order. It poses a great threat to the normal development of the rare earth industry in Ganzhou. To this end, the relevant departments of the city decided to stop production of the rare earth mines in the city from June on the principle of maintaining the interests of the industry.

According to reports, during the shutdown period, the city will completely ban the heap leaching process of rare earth mines (including heap leaching mines that have been harvested before September last year), and the rare earth mines mined in the in-situ leaching process will stop filling. The rare earth mineral products of the rare earth resource production counties should all be stored in the warehouse of the rare earth mining company, and the rare earth mines that have been infused by the in-situ leaching process have been organized and recovered by the Luzhou Rare Earth Mining Company and stored in the warehouse of the rare earth mining company. . During the shutdown period, Cangzhou Rare Earth Mining Company will suspend the supply of rare earth ore to the city's rare earth separation enterprises. The city's rare earth separation enterprises will suspend production or semi-stop production depending on the situation, and encourage the city's rare earth enterprises to purchase rare earth ore reserves outside the city for rare earth reserves. During the period of suspension of production, the relevant departments will inspect the suspension of production in various places. In violation of the mining order of the city, the relevant units and individuals will be strictly investigated in accordance with relevant regulations.

According to reports, the decision of the city's rare earth mines to stop production this month is of great significance for stabilizing the market price of rare earths, safeguarding the interests of rare earth mining enterprises, and promoting the sustained, healthy and rapid development of the rare earth industry in Chenzhou City. The implementation of limited mining and total control is also an important measure to implement the establishment of a rare earth resource reserve system. (Cangzhou Evening News)

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