LED talent "drought" seriously shocked the labor shortage "the tide"

While the most difficult employment season in history has been hanged by people, the Shenzhen LED industry is still in the most difficult season. High-tech industry talents are hard to find and have attracted more and more attention, especially LED chip technology development talents are like a fragrant. Many LED brand-name companies are eager for talents, some of them are talented people, some dig their own corners, and some have money to ask for headhunting companies to collect.
Nowadays, the LED lighting industry is developing steadily in the future, but the development of the industry depends on many factors such as the industrial environment, technology foundation, market demand, etc., and the domestic LED talents are seriously affected, which is one of the important factors that restrict the development of the LED lighting industry. Now that the LED patent war has started, the lack of core technicians has become a bottleneck for the development of various enterprises. Then, why are LEDs lacking talents and lack of talents, and how should enterprises solve the problem of talent shortage?
LED talents are seriously affected by the shortage of labor shortages: LED industry development encounters bottlenecks At present, China's high-efficiency, high-reliability LED raw materials are almost all dependent on imports. The core technology of high-end epitaxial wafer production process is subject to people, especially the upstream chip patent technology. It is mastered by major foreign manufacturers such as Japan and the United States. With the patenting of LED patents, domestic companies are more aware of the importance of talent.
China's LED industry is entering the integration period, which is bound to eliminate those uncompetitive enterprises, and the competitiveness is mainly reflected in the technology and scale advantages. It is very important for enterprises to improve their core competitiveness and cultivate talents. What is most lacking in the 21st century is talent. We must compete with international companies for stable product quality.
Obviously, there are serious shortages of leading talents in LED core technology and talents and management talents who master key technologies in all aspects of the LED industry CHAIN. This is a big gap with developed countries. LED high-end talents are divided into senior technical talents and senior management talents, but unfortunately, China's LED lighting industry almost encountered huge bottlenecks in these two talents.
At present, the overall quality of LED industry talents needs to be improved, because LED lighting is a new LED lighting industry with traditional lighting electric light source and semiconductor optical superposition. For example, marketing talents are mostly transferred from traditional lighting industry and building materials industry. LED knowledge Not very rich, a process is needed to learn and improve LED lighting technology and products. Most of the small and medium-sized enterprises will not recruit at all. It is in practice that they are slowly exploring with their sense of cognition, resulting in a low overall management level of the LED industry, which is difficult to grow and develop.
Every year in March and April, it is the peak season for high-end talents in the LED lighting industry. It is also the harvest season for LED lighting companies to recruit talents. The HR of the LED lighting industry is not busy with sprinting targets, or busy planning for the coming year. In order to promote the recruitment of talents at the end of each enterprise. It is true that the talent problem cannot be completely solved in the short term.
LED companies sighed hard to recruit every year, February and March are the peak season for recruitment, LED companies and job seekers are gathered in the talent market, as a bridge to build LED companies and job seekers, the talent market is undoubtedly the busiest during this period. . Our reporter learned from the staff of Guzhen Branch Market of Human Resources Market in Zhongshan City: The market went to work on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year. On the day of work, LED companies came to register for employment information. Since then, the number of LED companies that have applied for recruitment procedures has increased. Up to now, hundreds of LED companies have registered.
As a rising industry in recent years, the scarcity of LED high-end technical talents has become an important obstacle to the development of LED enterprises. Many LED companies choose to go to Dongguan's electronic LED companies to dig talents, which brings great pressure to LED companies. In addition, LED is an emerging industry, and there is no specific standard for technical requirements. Therefore, the training of technicians is still in its infancy. In the short term, high-end technical talents will still be very lacking.

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