Inventory of domestic car prices in 2012 top ten

The total sales volume of China's top ten auto groups in 2012 was 16.828 million, accounting for 87.16% of the country's total auto sales. In 2012, China produced 19.272 million complete vehicles, an increase of 4.6% year-on-year; the sale of complete vehicles was 19.306 million, an increase of 4.3% year-on-year.

A few days ago, the sales data of China's domestic automobile enterprises in 2012 was released. Through the analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the top ten car companies in China, they tried to show the competitiveness of the ten most influential car companies.

SAIC: Creating the First Corps

Advantages: After the reorganization of SAIC Motor, SAIC has been steadily taking the top spot in the domestic auto enterprise group. Now, with its own development, SAIC has become more and more obvious. Its joint-venture car companies Shanghai General Motors, Shanghai Volkswagen, and SAIC-GM-Wuling have performed well in 2012 when the market conditions are not good; it is worth mentioning that its own brands achieved annual sales of over 20 years after accumulating for many years in 2012. Millions of vehicles, which are rare in the self-owned brands that started at the mid-to-high end.

In the field of new energy technologies, SAIC also took the lead in forming strategic cooperation with its GM partners. This is also a rare case among domestic automakers. In addition, SAIC Motor has also made many achievements in exports, in addition to Shanghai GM’s own exports, in 2012. On December 4th, SAIC Group and Thai Chia Tai Group jointly announced that they plan to establish a joint venture company in Thailand to manufacture and sell SAIC's own brand MG products for the ASEAN market.

Disadvantages: Although SAIC is trying hard to build a strong "First" Corps, its performance in commercial vehicles is still inferior to its biggest competitor - Dongfeng. In the ranking of commercial vehicles, SAIC does not have SAIC Motor Corporation. Appears in the top ten positions on the leaderboard.

Over the years, SAIC has been committed to making a difference in the commercial vehicle sector. SAIC Iveco Hongyan and SAIC Chase are all working toward this goal, but at least so far, SAIC's performance in commercial vehicles is not very impressive.

Dongfeng: Flattening Victory

Advantages: The concept of “Da Dong Feng” has been continuously implemented and deepened in the past two years. Its matrixed flat management strategy has enabled Dongfeng to enter a period of rapid development. At the joint venture level, Dongfeng Nissan and Dongfeng Yueda Kia maintained rapid growth in 2012 as the automotive group with the largest number of joint ventures. Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Citroen, which are owned by Shenlong, have also gradually emerged from the "circus" of French cars. The growth in recent years has attracted much attention in the industry. Despite being adversely affected by Japanese cars, Dongfeng Honda is still one of the better performing companies.

Although Dongfeng Yulon has entered the mid-to-high end, it has also achieved a good market performance. At the same time, Dongfeng Renault, Dongfeng Volvo and other new companies are also brewing. At the commercial vehicle level, Dongfeng Motors ranked second with 537,700 units. The performance is outstanding. More importantly, Dongfeng is in light trucks, heavy trucks, heavy trucks, etc. Commercial vehicles are evenly distributed in all areas. At the level of self-owned brands, Dongfeng Fengshen’s performance is still eye-catching. In 2012, it achieved the goal of double sales and became the fastest growing brand in the industry.

Disadvantages: In contrast, although Dongfeng Fengshen achieved a significant increase in self-owned brands, its sales base remained low. This has a lot to do with the late start of Dongfeng's own-brand passenger car. At the same time, Fengshen will cut into the market from the mid-end, and the future will inevitably face the same brand bottleneck problem. How to further break through will be the issue that Aeolus needs to consider in the future.

FAW: Adhere to independent high-end

Advantage: After FAW Group took over Xu Jianyi, he proposed the concept of “disregarding everything”, and in 2011, through internal selection tests, Xu Xianping was elected general manager of FAW Group. After this series of actions, FAW Group has a clearer management model. At the joint venture level, FAW-Volkswagen is still its most important “cash bull”. FAW Toyota affected by the negative impact of Japanese cars still maintains a relatively steady development trend. FAW Mazda will also look forward to new models in 2013 through new models. Breakthrough; At the level of commercial vehicles, FAW’s liberation still holds a dominant position. With its independent research and development of new technologies and the continuous introduction of new models, this advantage will continue to expand. At the autonomous level, this is the area that FAW Group attaches most importance to. The brand announced its rebirth in 2012, FAW Pentium also firmly adhere to the brand's height and positioning, FAW Car also made a large investment in the capital level, all of which will be transformed into growth power and brand efficiency in the future.

Disadvantages: Currently most concerned about is the issue of the overall listing of FAW Group. After a series of adjustments, the establishment of FAW has marked a substantial step in its overall listing, but so far, FAW Group has been listed as a whole. The speed of advancement is not fast, and 2013 may be a new opportunity. As one of the major companies listed on the later part of the overall FAW, on the one hand, the unaligned relationship may restrict its development, on the other hand, the financing channels are also relatively limited. In Xu Jianyi’s most important autonomy field, because of the fact that the cost cannot be compared with other private car companies, a greater breakthrough in brand and technology is needed.

Chang'an: Strengthened by high-end forces

Advantages: The biggest advantage of Chang'an is its autonomy. Previously, through the merger and reorganization of AVIC's automotive business, the power of its mini-vehicles and mini-cars has been greatly strengthened. In addition to its own years of accumulation, apart from its previous success and good reputation, it has also achieved a breakthrough in branding. Obvious progress, Chang'an movement is the best representative of this achievement.

The research and development structure of “Five Countries and Nine Lands” established by Changan Chairman Xu Liuping has also taken initial shape and will provide greater support for its future development. In the joint venture field, Chang’an Ford finally emerged from the haze of many years, through the introduction of the new Fox. In 2012, significant growth was achieved, and Ford’s radical plan will be reflected later. The establishment of Changan PSA allows Changan to have the luxury brand it has always dreamed of. Although it has not yet achieved domestic production, its branding work has achieved results in 2012. In terms of commercial vehicles, Changan has also begun to win more opportunities in areas such as heavy trucks.

Disadvantages: The biggest advantage of Chang'an is, in a sense, a bottleneck in its development. It is the microcar section. There is no doubt that mini-vehicles are the most suitable models for the Chinese market, but there is still a certain gap between Changan and SAIC-GM-Wuling in this area, and it cannot bring more profits to Changan. At the same time, the integration process of Changan Suzuki and Changhe Suzuki in its joint venture segment is not smooth. Affected by the vagueness of Suzuki's China strategy, the two joint ventures will become suspicious in the future and will also affect Chang'an's overall performance.

BAIC: Korean car beneficiaries

Advantages: BAIC is one of the “four small” companies. In recent years, both overseas acquisitions and independent sectors have shown strong desires for expansion. In the area of ​​joint ventures, Beijing Hyundai is still the best of its kind, and the rapid development of the Korean cars has provided Beijing Electric with a fundamental boost. Although Beijing Benz has been adjusted in 2012, its future development will be the most urgent goal of BAIC. In terms of autonomy, Beijing Auto's digestion and absorption after the acquisition of Saab has been basically completed, and its high-end self-owned brands are also in an orderly manner. 2012 In 2008, Beiqi released its own brand models. The steady and steady operation of BAIC will enable it to get a higher start. Beiqi is most proud of its commercial vehicles. Beiqi Foton has won the first place in commercial vehicle prices for many years, and Futian Dai. The establishment of Muller also opened the way for it to go overseas. With the promotion of the brand, Foton will become a globally-worthy commercial vehicle company.

Disadvantages: In addition to overseas acquisitions, BAIC is also seeking to further expand through domestic mergers and reorganizations. Although BAIC has also been in contact with automakers such as Fuqi, it has not achieved much in the past. In fact, mergers and reorganizations are problems that cannot be bypassed during the process of domestic auto companies becoming bigger. Beiqi still needs to make a difference in this regard. In addition, when the micro-car was hot, BAIC had also rushed to launch a micro-vehicle project. However, after the micro-vehicle was hit, the Beijing Automotive Group also faced reconsideration.

Guangzhou Automobile: Gain a comprehensive layout

Advantages: Like Dongfeng, GAC also has a blueprint of “Big GAC”. Under the leadership of Chairman Zhang Fangyou, GAC has achieved a lot in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. In recent years, GAC has successively reorganized Gio Auto and Changfeng Automobile and obtained the opportunity to deploy the central region from the south, and also strengthened the power of its own autonomy. In the joint venture area, GAC Mitsubishi and GAC Fiat were newly established. The two joint ventures have joined. Brought more resources for GAC.

At the same time, after years of accumulation of GAC, its autonomy has gradually emerged, and GAC Chuanqi has gained more consumer recognition after its listing on the GS5. The concept of the first domestic joint-venture brand owned by Guangqi Honda is also steadily developing. With the launch of new models, it will further expand its market influence; the commercial vehicle segment, joint venture company Guangqi Hino, has also injected new life into it.

Disadvantages: In 2012, it was not particularly good for GAC. The most important reason was the impact of the Diaoyu Islands incident. Japanese cars were generally affected. As the main joint venture partner of Japanese companies, Guangzhou Automobile has the most significant impact. The sales of Guangzhou Automobile Honda and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota have been affected, and the newly established Guangzhou Automobile Mitsubishi is also facing challenges. Finding more Yuan’s joint venture partners and strengthening the Chinese right to speak has become an urgent issue for GAC to solve.

Brilliance: Chinese Brand Turns Loss

Advantages: The chairman of Brilliance Automotive, Yu Yumin, has often called for an independent brand and there are some amazing words. However, in the past 2012, BMW Brilliance's rapid development has become the most proud achievement of Brilliance.

Although BMW's homegrown history has experienced many ups and downs, it has also been hesitant to expand its production capacity. In 2012, BMW Brilliance finally launched a punch.

Thanks to the performance of the new 5 Series, the sales volume of the domestically-produced segment grew rapidly, and the strong momentum of catching up with Audi has been formed. At the independent brand level, Yan Yumin has paid the most attention and invested the greatest effort, in which the Chinese brand turned losses into profits in 2012. .

At the same time, the establishment of its international talent strategy and quality system provided guarantees for the high-end strategy. In addition, Brilliance Jinbei remained a stable pillar of the Huachen Group. In December 2012, the sales volume of 29,500 vehicles made Jinbei a commercial vehicle. Ranked third in sales charts.

Disadvantages: Although Huachen Chairman Yu Yumin paid the most attention to self-employed business and devoted most of his energy, his current weak position in the market can not be ignored.

As an auto company that entered the independent brand area earlier, Brilliance has still not formed a special advantage in the market. For the independent brands, especially when they are to be high-end, persistence is the most crucial factor. In the current difficult situation of independent brands, Brilliance still needs to continue.

Great Wall: The Growth of Dark Horses

Advantages: The Great Wall is a well-deserved “black horse” in the Chinese auto industry. As a private car company that started late, the Great Wall has entered the top 10 sales rankings, relying solely on SUVs, cars and pickups. More importantly, this One achievement was achieved when major brands suffered major setbacks. Its high growth rate has always been noticeable. Among them, the SUV is even the dominant category of the Great Wall. Thanks to the growth of the SUV segment, the Great Wall, which has worked hard for many years in this field, has finally achieved a harvest. Haval has grown to be the No. 1 brand in the Chinese SUV. At the same time, overseas markets are also one of the strengths of the Great Wall. In the auto exhibition events of the Great Wall, there are basically agents from all over the world. In addition to establishing a dealer system, the Great Wall has also established processing plants in many places and entered Australia. High-level markets such as Eastern Europe. In addition, the capital of the Great Wall has always been relatively good, it can be described as "the most profitable" autonomous car prices.

Disadvantages: The strength of the Great Wall is still concentrated in the SUV sector, and its car business is still relatively short. On the one hand, the Great Wall does not have the experience of building cars, and it is late in the car field. On the other hand, the car industry has become very competitive. For a newly-entered brand, if there is no special place, it needs to be established. Work even harder. In addition, although Great Wall has performed prominently in the SUV market, its advantages have gradually subsided with the increase of latecomers. For example, the listing of BYD S6 will be sought after by consumers, which is worth the wake of the Great Wall.

Chery: Towards Joint Venture

Advantages: Chery has always appeared as the flag bearer of its own brand. In 2012, Chery’s most attention was in the joint venture and cooperation field. First of all, Chery and Jaguar Land Rover have established a joint venture company. This allows Chery not only to own a joint venture company, but also to own a high-end brand, which can be described as a double benefit, and is beneficial to the promotion of its brand image. In addition, Chery and GAC have signed a cooperation agreement. The two parties have become the first case of domestic auto companies in the form of alliances. The reason why Chery is being used by Guangzhou Automobile is that its independent R&D capability is the most important factor. Both sides' exploration on this model will bring in other domestic automobile companies. Model role. In addition, Chery's performance in export has played a certain role in compensating for the poor performance of independent brands in the domestic market.

Disadvantages: The development of Chery's own brand experienced a restructuring in 2012. Chery originally proposed six development themes. In 2009, it launched a multi-brand system that expanded from the original Chery single brand to Chery, Kai Rui, Rui Wei, Wei Lin. Four brands, the latter two being Chery's high-end brands.

Due to the unsatisfactory performance of the two high-end brand markets, in 2012, Chery decided to return to “a Chery”, and the commercial vehicle brand Kai Rui completely stripped out Chery, and the high-end passenger car brand was frozen until the time was right. This undoubtedly means that Chery has made detours in the development of recent years, and it is Chery’s top priority to find the right direction for development.

BYD: Adjusted Return

Advantages: According to sales statistics, sales of BYD in 2012 increased by approximately 2.3% year-on-year. With the increase in sales volume, the sales structure of the products has been significantly improved. With the increase in sales ratios of S6, G6, L3, and Swift, the average sales price of products has increased further than in 2011. Among them, S6 and Swift became BYD's new heads. BYD's sales in December 2012 showed that SUV sales exceeded 12,000, while S6 exceeded 8,000. Through the adjustment in the past two years, BYD has apparently gradually returned to normal rhythm.

Disadvantages: The hidden dangers after the blind expansion still exist. According to statistics, currently BYD Auto has 800,000 capacity, and Xi'an Base and Shenzhen Base each have 400,000 vehicles. In 2012, the capacity utilization rate is about 57%. In addition, its proud electric vehicle technology still did not bring about actual benefits in 2012. Instead, a rear-end fire incident in Shenzhen caused BYD to be greatly affected. How to continue to break through on the basis of current adjustments and truly reflect its own advantages in the field of new energy is a problem that BYD needs to consider.

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