How to use the low-temperature high-speed centrifuge

The temperature in the centrifugal chamber of low-temperature high-speed centrifuges can be reduced to below zero degrees Celsius. It is mostly used to collect microorganisms, cell debris, cells, large organelles, sulphuric acid deposits, and immunoprecipitates. It is common in various biochemical laboratories.

Low-temperature high-speed centrifuge instructions for use:

1, the use of the instrument must be approved by the administrator, do a good job registration.

2. Pre-cooling should be started 10 minutes ahead of schedule. 3. The density of the centrifuge sample should be the same. The volume of the sample should be 3 mm away from the test tube port.

4. Centrifuge the centrifugal tubes with the same leveling and density as the wall thickness and place them symmetrically in the bucket. Tighten the corresponding bucket cap and hang it on the corresponding bucket rack. The empty bucket must also be suspended.

5, turn on the instrument power switch.

6. Press the pedal with your foot and hold the specified position with your hand. The door cover will open automatically.

7. Put the head of the hanging bucket straight down and gently on the drive shaft sleeve to ensure firmness.

8. Tighten the head cover.

9, press and hold the designated position to press down the door cover.

10, set the centrifugal parameters: rotor type, speed, temperature, time, frequency of lifting speed.

11. Confirm the parameter setting, press ENTER, START.

12. After the centrifuge reaches the set speed for 5 minutes, the user can leave. During the centrifugation, it is necessary to observe whether the instrument is running normally.

13. After centrifugation is over (or press STOP to end the operation), after the rotor stops operating, open the door cover, loosen the rotor head cover, and remove the rotor head and put it on the special rack.

14. Remove the bucket, loosen the bucket cap, and remove the sample.

15, buckets and bucket caps open and open at the designated location, if there is a night out, remove the seal, wash and then placed upside down on the tablecloth.

16. Turn off the power of the instrument.

17. Clean the condensate in the cavity.

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