How to do a sprinkler body shake

What is the problem with sprinkler body shake? How should the sprinkler driver judge and solve the problem?

Watering vehicle body shakes while driving

If the vehicle body is found to be slightly shaken or deflected during driving, it is generally a tire-induced failure. First of all, it may be that the tire balance is in poor condition and the owner is required to do a four-wheel alignment and dynamic balance as soon as possible.

The other situation is more serious, probably because of the deformation of the steel rims, which requires the driver of the sprinkler to go to a professional repair shop for inspection. This condition generally occurs on sprinkler bodies that have a relatively long lifespan. When a new sprinkler is replaced with a new tire or a new steel wheel, one tire balance is required. Otherwise, the steering wheel is prone to jitter when the weight is not even. Body shake can have an impact on driving comfort and handling.

The third situation is caused by the unbalanced deformation of the transmission shaft. Generally, this situation occurs when there are more vehicles that have collided with the chassis of the sprinkler.

  Body shake at idle

Idle body shake is a condition often encountered by many sprinkler drivers. If a sprinkler driver starts the sprinkler or stops the sprinkler without turning off the engine, if the vehicle body is found to be jittery, it may mean that the sprinkler has the following three conditions:

   1. Oil pressure instability

If you have cleaned engine carbon deposits, washed throttle valves, replaced oil pads, spark plugs, etc., and you still find the vehicle body shakes at idle, we recommend that you check with the service station whether the fuel supply pressure and the intake pressure sensor are normal. If the oil supply is Abnormal pressure or incorrect values ​​of the intake pressure sensor and poor working conditions can cause body shake.

Solution: Check oil pressure and replace parts if necessary.

   2, engine parts aging

Sprinkler jerking is also related to engine foot aging. The engine pin is actually the engine's suspension system. The engine pin is responsible for absorbing the slight jitter of the engine during operation. If there is a problem with the engine pin, these vibrations will be transmitted to the steering wheel and cab, causing jitter at idle.

Solution: Replace parts

  3. Severe carbon deposit on the sprinkler engine

Severe carbon deposition

The most common cause of shaking the sprinkler is dirty throttle or excessive coke deposits. When the internal carbon deposition of the engine is too much, the gasoline sprayed by the cold start injector will be greatly absorbed by the carbon deposit, resulting in the cold start of the mixture is too thin, making it difficult to start, in this case, only wait until the carbon absorption of gasoline When it is saturated, it is easy to catch the car. After the car is drawn, the gasoline absorbed on the soot will be sucked into the Cylinder by the vacuum suction of the engine, and the mixture will be made rich. When the flammable mixture of the engine is diluted, it will be concentrated after the cold start. Idle jitter. The lower the temperature, the greater the amount of oil required for a cold start, and the more carbon deposition will affect the smooth start of a cold start.

Solution: Clean the oil circuit and check if the idle motor has carbon deposition.

  4. Ignition system problem

Check the working status of the sprinkler spark plugs, high-voltage wires and ignition coils. The poor operation of the ignition system and poor flashover conditions of the sprinkler spark plug will also cause such failure phenomena.

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