How to develop LED lighting industry in the new media era

The media evaluation indicators derived from the Internet industry will gradually replace the traditional media value evaluation method with TV ratings as the core, and become the main new parameter for customers to measure the value of media communication. The led media industry also needs to keep up with the rhythm of the Internet. As customers place more budgets on roi (return on investment), the delivery of led media must be measured more accurately, and a marketing communication value database dedicated to led media is required.
The Pandora's Box of the industry's shuffled led media industry has been opened, and there will be more from other media industries, especially the power of the print media industry will enter the LED market, and bring further mergers and acquisitions to the led media market. And with it, the LED market pattern has undergone further changes, forming a completely different market situation from the previous.
In the second-line market of the main battle, with the addition of new external forces, the saturation of resources in the first-line market and the continuous sinking of customer marketing channels, the second and third-line markets will become the main focus of the 2014 led media market.
The value positioning and use of the cross-screen integration customers for the led media will deviate from the traditional outdoor media field, and the way of creative, interactive and connection with mobile communication devices will become more and more difficult to meet the needs of customers. The real use of led media will gradually shape and promote customers to define led media in Chongqing.
The new technology is widely used as the most technologically advanced media form in the outdoor media field. New technologies have always been the driving force behind the development of led media, especially the interactive connection technology with mobile internet terminals and the interactive technology with consumers will be widely used. In the process of customer delivery.

Drawer Gift Box Packaging

What products are suitable for drawer type Gift Box Packaging:

Drawer gift boxes are often used as packaging for some high-end gifts. For example, wine, shoes, tea and other products will use drawer Gift Box packaging. Because drawer gift boxes are more ceremonial when they are opened, many gifts will choose to use them. This box type.

Drawer type gift box packaging material:

The packaging material of the drawer type gift box is also 157 grams of face paper and 1200 grams of single white cardboard, but some customers will choose special paper for the paper, in order to make the box more delicate, but the drawer type gift box The packaging will also have one more thing, that is the webbing, the webbing is added to make it easier to pull out the box.

Drawer Gift Box Packaging

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