How should a commercial vehicle safely avoid pedestrians?

For a long time, many drivers have maintained the habit of “cars for people”. However, “road traffic safety” has clearly defined “cars”, but more drivers do not gradually accept these habits in the subconscious. Whether it is driving a commercial vehicle or other types of cars, we all need to be people-oriented and safe. When we encounter pedestrians while driving a vehicle, we should make evasive moves. How can a commercial vehicle safely avoid pedestrians?

1. If you have encountered a bicycle, pedestrian, etc., on the road, you must leave enough space for the other person to drive, and then make sure to leave without delay when you are sure that there is no obstacle around you. If a new driver encounters a bicycle, he must take appropriate measures when confirming his driving route. If the driver is driving in a two-lane situation, it is best to give him a way.

2. When many commercial vehicle drivers encounter motorcycles, electric vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians, most do not want to have too many intersections with each other. They often use fast-passing methods. However, in order to be able to protect the other party and their own safety distance, it must be based on the situation of the road surface and traffic conditions. If you use fast-passing methods on some of the narrower roads, the danger of this is great.

3. When a commercial vehicle driver encounters motorcycles, electric cars, and pedestrians during the driving process, when you haven't clearly talked to them about the route to be taken, be sure to put your own speed. Slow down, slow is the safest way for yourself and others at this time. When evading non-motorized and pedestrians, slowness is the last word. In fact, when the red light of a normal road is supposed to be used, it is necessary to first avoid the pedestrians to drive by themselves. If a pedestrian encounters a red light, it also needs to be allowed to pass in time. If there are obstacles obstructing sightlines on the right and left sides of the carriageway, it is also necessary to keep the speed of the vehicle slow. Only after the surrounding driving conditions are safe can you accelerate.

4. In the case of avoiding electric vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, most commercial vehicle drivers will choose to press the horn as a warning. Several times when the driver encountered this person blocking his driving route, in order to be able to advance and warn them not to rush to the road, or to pay attention to you, it is more important to press the horn.

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