How about a fresh air system

Nowadays, with the increase of air pollution and the improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more attention to health, especially for the breathing air, and more and more people have chosen a fresh air system in order to ensure that they can breathe fresh and natural air. But what about the fresh air system? Let Philippine tell you.
High-performance motor: The motor is the core component of the fresh air system. The level of motor manufacturing technology directly determines the quality of the fresh air equipment. The structure, electromagnetic and insulation design of the Italian Fini air system are all developed by professionals. It has long life, low noise, and high static pressure.
Large air volume: With high air volume design and strong wind power, it can quickly remove indoor polluted air and send fresh air to the outside. When the indoor fresh air changes, it can ensure enough indoor fresh air volume.
Low energy consumption: The power of Italy's fresh air system is only a few tens of watts. It operates throughout the year. Its power consumption is less than one refrigerator, and the total heat exchanger adopts counter-current full heat exchange core, which can save a lot. Energy consumption.
Low noise: The fresh air system uses a high-performance, high-quality fan to effectively reduce the noise value. The minimum noise can go to 30db. When it is working, it hardly feels its existence, so it can bring higher comfort.
In general, the fresh air system can provide families with fresh and healthy air, allowing us to enjoy the fresh air in the fields at home and gradually capture the hearts and affections of consumers. Presumably, you should be aware of the advantages of Italy's new style system, please feel free to come to consult and order or join.

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