Hot drying and microwave drying make potato chips healthier

The potato chips have always been ranked high in the snack list, and the types of potato chips sold on the market are mainly fried potato chips. As people pay more attention to health, baked potato chips have begun to appear on the market.

As the name suggests, fried potato chips are sliced ​​and then fried at a high temperature. The finished product contains 30% to 40% fat. Carbohydrates also produce acrylamide when fried at high temperatures, and long-term consumption is not good for your health. The baked potato chips do not use frying during the production process, which reduces the amount of fat in the finished product, and does not produce acrylamide, which is healthier than fried potato chips. In the current industrial production line, there are two main production processes for baking potato chips: hot drying and microwave drying.

The hot drying equipment is a hot dryer, generally using air as a drying medium. The entire equipment is PLC controlled, the process is fully automated, saving labor costs.

Most of the heat sources of air during drying are as follows: steam, hot water, electricity, and infrared rays, which can be selected according to the needs of enterprises. Although these sources of heat are different, they have something in common. The first is green environmental protection; secondly, it does not use materials to burn, there is no hidden fire hazard; then there will be no odor and no pollutants in the production process.

The hot air temperature in the equipment can be adjusted between 50-160 degrees Celsius to ensure the color of the product is bright and the taste is crisp. The dryer is also equipped with a thermal cycle device to recover waste heat and reuse, saving costs.

The drying box of the hot dryer is a multi-layer structure, the output is large and the speed is fast, and the drying process is very stable.

Microwave drying is also a hot process for making baked potato chips. Microwaves are not unfamiliar to everyone, most households use microwave ovens, and the two work similarly. The microwave dryer uses microwave to dry the material, which is also fully automated. Like the domestic microwave oven, one of the features of the microwave dryer is that it is ready to use. It does not need to heat the medium. After the material is put into the material, the microwave directly acts on the material, and the time is short and the efficiency is high.

Since the microwave can directly contact the material, not only the drying and sterilization can be carried out at the same time, but also the sterilization of the material is more thorough and sufficient, and the work efficiency is improved.

The material dried by microwave will be more uniform. Why do you say that? Because the main working principle of microwave drying is the interaction of microwave and water molecules. The more water molecules in the material, the more microwaves are absorbed; vice versa. Therefore, the microwave dryer does not have the problem of uneven material drying during work.

Microwave is an electromagnetic wave. Compared with other methods of drying through medium, the data setting of microwave power is more stable, and data debugging is more flexible and accurate.

When using microwave drying, the equipment will not produce waste water or waste gas, green*. Compared with electricity and infrared, microwave dryers can basically save more than 30% and reduce production costs.

Another feature of microwave drying is that while retaining the original color and taste of the ingredients, the food can be puffed, and the taste of the product will be more crisp and improve the quality of the product.

In addition to potato chips made from potatoes, products such as sweet potato chips and mountain pills appear on the market have also been loved by many consumers. Similarly, sweet potato chips and mountain tablets can also be made into baked snacks by drying. The use of hot dryers and microwave dryers has allowed the market for healthy snacks to expand, and consumers have a wider range of options for snacks.

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