Home electric locks have become the preferred choice for many families

With the advent of smart homes, there are now many families that are gradually turning to smart home products, and smart door locks are one of them. Home smart door locks play a good role in home security and convenience. Since its development, smart door locks have become the first choice for many families.
In the field of security technology, home-operated electric locks have electronic anti-theft alarm functions instead of traditional mechanical code locks. This overcomes the shortcomings of low password and poor safety performance of mechanical code locks, making the code locks technically The performance is greatly improved one step. With the development of large-scale integrated circuit technology, especially the advent of single-chip microcomputer, there has been a smart password lock with a microprocessor. In addition to its function of electronic password lock, it also introduces intelligent management, expert analysis system and other functions. Therefore, the code lock has a high degree of security and reliability, and is increasingly widely used. This article describes the smart code lock with 51 series microcontroller as the core, elaborated its working principle, basic function block diagram, key design technology and software workflow.

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