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The bacterial protein is also called microbial protein, single cell protein, and contains very rich nutrients. Among them, the protein content is as high as 40% to 80%, 10% to 20% higher than soybeans, 20% higher than meat, fish, and cheese; the composition of amino acids is relatively complete, containing 8 kinds of essential amino acids, especially in cereals Less lysine. Normal adults eat 10 to 15 g of dry yeast a day to meet the need for amino acids. Single-cell proteins also contain a variety of vitamins, carbohydrates, lipids, minerals, and a wealth of enzymes and biologically active substances, such as coenzyme A, coenzyme Q, glutathione, ergosterol and so on. In China, the dryness of MSG protein is a hot issue in the research of drying technology. From the perspective of the quality of the dried product, the high-speed stirring dryer is the best, followed by the rotary flash dryer and the tube bundle dryer. From the standpoint of the cost of the dried product, the cost of the tube dryer is the lowest, followed by the high-speed stirring dryer and the rotary flash dryer. The tube bundle dryer uses the heat source as steam, and other dryers use the mechanical grate coal-fired hot air furnace or hand-fired Hot stove.

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The tube bundle dryer system has a simple composition, but has a complex structure and many maintenance points. The structure of the high-speed stirring dryer and the rotary flash dryer is simple, and maintenance and maintenance are relatively easy. Although the tube dryer is characterized by high efficiency, but because the MSG bacterial protein is a high-viscosity material, and the tube bundle dryer is difficult to handle high-viscosity materials, only the back-mixing process can be used to mix a large amount of dry material in the wet material. In order to reduce the viscosity of the material, the use efficiency of tube bundle drying is rather low on the dryness of MSG protein, and the water removal capacity is reduced from 4-5 kg ​​water/M2.h to 3-3.5 kg when the general material is processed. Water/M2.h. Therefore, nowadays, when manufacturers use MSG protein drying equipment, the tube dryer is rarely used. Tubular dryers are currently mainly used for the drying of germ, fiber, distiller's grains and other materials. Rotary flash dryer must be specially designed for MSG bacteria protein. It is not general and universal. Rotary flash dryers generally need to be improved for MSG bacteria protein, otherwise the drying effect is not good. High-speed stirring and drying machine is a new type of drying equipment developed by us. It is mainly used for drying high-viscosity and high-humidity materials. The first Taiwan MSG bacterial protein dryer is a high-speed stirring and drying machine. This kind of equipment has high quality and is a product of high quality. Simple, easy maintenance and maintenance.

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The working principle of the agitating cylinder vacuum dryer is dry, the hot blast furnace raw material is fed from the feeding port in the upper part of the cylinder body, the stirring shaft intermittently rotates in forward and reverse directions, and the material is removed by stirring with the left and right vortex teeth. Along the circumferential direction, it also moves bidirectionally along the axis, so that under the state of uniform stirring, the material exchanges heat at the cylinder wall, so that the material moisture is evaporated and dried. 2. The use of agitated drum vacuum dryers can be used for slurry, pasty and powdered materials, and further drying of materials with low moisture content. It is especially suitable for the low-temperature drying of heat-sensitive materials such as vitamins or avidin. It is also suitable for forming synthetic resins that must be completely dried, fine powdered carbon, and organic solvent-containing materials that are easily combustible or even explosive in air. In batch operation, the amount of processing is about 100kg or even several tons. When a dry adhesive material or a material with a high moisture content and a large amount of processing are used, a cylindrical stirring type is suitable. Dehydration Vegetable Dryer Cylinder Stirring Vacuum Dryer Internal Cylinder Stirring Vacuum Dryer is widely used in the chemical industry, especially in organic semi-finished products and dye manufacturing industries. It uses steam or thermal oil or hot water to enter the jacket to indirectly heat the material. , Dehumidify under the vacuum state, so it is especially suitable for the drying of materials that are resistant to high temperature and easy to oxidize at high temperature, and the materials that are easy to produce dust during the drying process and need to be recycled. The machine has compact structure, simple operation, stable and reliable performance, and long maintenance period. Through long-term production practice, it can be proved that powder, powder, paste, viscose, and even solution can be dried under high temperature or low temperature under proper conditions. Dehydrated vegetable line features: This machine adopts sandwich and internal stirring at the same time, heating method, large heat transfer surface, high thermal efficiency. The machine is set to stir, so that the material in the cylinder to form a continuous cycle of state, to further improve the uniformity of the material heated. Application: The machine is set to stir, so that the paste, paste, paste material can be dried smoothly. Applications: Suitable for dry materials in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. Suitable for paste, paste, powder material. Low-temperature dry heat-sensitive trees are required. Easy to oxidize, explosive, and violently poisonous materials. Materials that require the recovery of organic solvents.

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Oscillating Knife: Oscillating Knife cutting has the advantages of small cutting force, low cutting heat, high surface quality of the workpiece, easy chip handling, improved tool durability, stable processing and high production efficiency.
CNC VISION SYSTEM: CCD Vision Cutting system contains two operating modes: direct cutting mode and photo processing mode. Therefore, the processing route manufacturing steps

Differentiate: Direct cutting does not need to draw a photo point, and the tool path file for drawing a photo point can be processed through the buttons on the interface.

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