High Quality Medical Equipment Automatic Hematology Analyzer

Model NO.: YSD6300D
USB Port: Yes
Printer: Built-in Thermal Printer
Input: Mouse and Keyboard, Connected by USB Port
N.W: 16kg
Trademark: YSD
Transport Package: Carton
Specification: 325x370x545mm(L*W*H)
Origin: Chengdu
HS Code: 90278099
High Quality Medical Equipment Automatic Hematology Analyzer
YSD6300D Auto Hematology Analyzer

  • 3-part blood cell counter
  • 20 parameters + 3 histograms
  • 2 counting channels
  • Up to 60 samples/hour
  • 10.4″ large color LCD
  • Built-in printer, USB port
  • Stable, durable and economical
High Quality Medical Equipment Automatic Hematology Analyzer
High Quality Medical Equipment Automatic Hematology Analyzer

High Stability & Accuracy
  • Use the most advanced binuclear embedded digital circuit system, to make the analytical ability great and stable
  • 2 counting channels of WBC and RBC, to make the test results more accurate and less cross- contamination
  • Use CPLD technology in data processing, to avoid the interference of electromagnetic signals
Reliable Operation System
  • ARM intelligent micro-processing technology
  • Data analysis: intelligent pulse formulation technology
  • Classification: floating landmark technology
  • Module design, fast maintenance
User-friendly System
  • 10.4''large color LCD displays main menu and all parameters & color histograms in one screen
  • Brief operation instruction built-in software, easy for user to view
  • Separate module design, very simple mechanical structure, easy maintenance
  • Self check for hardware, alarm for error
  • Reagent depletion alarm for Lyse, Cleanser and Diluent, as optional function 
Technical Features
  • 2 counting mode: whole blood, pre-dilution blood
  • Sample pre-dilution: internal diluter, add 1ml diluent automatically by the needle, no need to add diluent manually to avoid deviation.
  • Calibration: automated or manual
  • QC: comprehensive QC program, forming and printing the histogram automatically
  • Block removal: Real time monitor, high ignition, soak, flush and back flush

High Quality Medical Equipment Automatic Hematology Analyzer

Technical Specifications
Principle:         Electrical impedance for counting and SFT method for hemoglobin
Parameters:    WBC, LYM#, MID#, GRA#, LYM%, MID%, GRA%,RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P-LCR, and 3 Histograms for WBC, RBC and PLT
Throughput:     Up to 60 samples per hour
Sample Volume:      Whole blood: 9μl, Pre-dilution blood: 20μl
Aperture Diameter: WBC: 80μm   RBC: 50μm
Alarms:           Error messages
Display:          10.4'' large color LCD
Storage:          10,000 sample results including histograms, available to increase storage by expanding memory card
Printout:         Built-in thermal printer, various print-out formats; external printer optional
Input:             Mouse and keyboard, connected by USB port
Interface:       USB x3, RS232 x2
Working Conditions:  

Temperature: 15-35ºC, Humidity: ≤80%
Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa-106Kpa
Power supply: AC220V±22V, 50±1Hz
Dimension:     325x370x545mm(L*W*H)
Weight:           16Kg(net), 25Kg(gross)

High Quality Medical Equipment Automatic Hematology Analyzer

Trade & Market

Main Markets Total Revenue (%)
Africa 11.00%
South America 10.00%
North America 12.00%
Western Europe 20.00%
Domestic Market 10.00%
Mid East 6.00%
Eastern Europe 7.00%
Central America 5.00%
Northern Europe 4.00%
Oceania 4.00%
Southern Europe 3.00%
Eastern Asia 3.00%
Southeast Asia 3.00%
South Asia 2.00%

Export Percentage: 81% - 90%
Export Mode: Distributor /Agent
No. of Employees in Trade: 20-30 People

Our Certificates:

High Quality Medical Equipment Automatic Hematology Analyzer
Why choose us:

we got production and business certification from Chengdu food and Drug Administration
we got business license from Chengdu City Administration of industry and commerce
we got products certificate of registration and have checked in the website of SFDA
we have accepted the onsite check from SFDA every quarter
we finished the training of laws and regulations in medical equipments field
We have well-established system about material purchasing, employee training,store management,after-sales service process.etc
We adheres the beliefs of "Support Healthy Life", and our company spirits are quality, service,trust,thanksgiving;


HDPE Water Supply Pipes

Hdpe Water Supply Pipes Appearance, standard and Application

Black pipe body with blue belt. Implementation of GB/13663-200 《water supply HDPE pipe》;Drinking water pipe health performance in line with GB / T17219 requirements. The production have PE80 and PE100 two kinds of raw martials , generally used for pressure water transport. the products are widely preferred in the Urban water supply, municipal engineering, mining factory construction, fire  protection, small town construction and civilized ecological village construction projects.


HDPE Water supply pipes  Specification


1. OD 20mm(PN1.6)

2. OD 25mm(PN1.6)

3. OD 32mm(PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

4. OD 40mm(PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

5. OD 50mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

6. OD 63mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

7. OD 75mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

8. OD 90mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

9. OD 110mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

10.         OD 125mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

11.         OD 140mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

12.         OD 160mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

13.         OD 180mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

14.         OD 200mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

15.         OD 225mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 16ËŽ  OD 250mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 17ËŽ  OD 280mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 18ËŽ     OD 315mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 19ËŽ     OD 355mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 20ËŽ    OD 400mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 21ËŽ    OD 450mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 22ËŽ    OD 500mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 23ËŽ    OD 560mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 24ËŽ   OD 630mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 25ËŽ   OD 710mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)

 26ËŽ   OD 800mm(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25.PN1.6)



1.OD 20(PN1.25)

2.OD 25(PN1.25)

3.OD 32(PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

4.OD 40(PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

5.OD 50(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

6.OD 63(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

7.OD 75(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

8.OD 90(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

9.OD 110(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

10.OD 125(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

11.OD 140(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

12.OD 160(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

13.OD 180(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

14.OD 200(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

15.OD 225(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

16.OD 250(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

17.OD 280(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

18.OD 315(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

19.OD 355(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

20.OD 400(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

21.OD 450(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

22.OD 500(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

23.OD 560(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

24.OD 630(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

25.OD 710(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)

26.OD 800(PN0.5.PN0.6.PN0.8.PN1.0.PN1.25)


HDPE Water supply pipes  Features

n         Long service life: In normal working conditions, HDPE pipe can be safely used for more than 50 years

n         Pipeline system loss: no more than 10%

n         Excellent corrosion resistance: in addition to a small number of strong oxidants, can withstand a variety of chemical media erosion, no electrochemical corrosion;

n         Excellent anti-wear properties: in the transmission of ore slurry, HDPE pipe wear resistance is more than four times the steel pipe

n         Good health performance: In HDPE pipe manufacturing process no need add any  heavy metal salt stabilizer, non-toxic materials, no scale layer, do not breed bacteria, a better solution to the secondary pollution of urban drinking water

n         Strong impact resistance: HDPE pipe toughness is good, impact resistance is high, heavy pressure directly through the pipeline, will not lead to pipe rupture;

n         Reliable connection performance: HDPE pipe hot melt or fused interface strength is higher than the pipe body, the seam will not be disconnected  due to the soil movement or the load  effect;

n         Good construction performance: light pipe, welding process is simple, easy construction, the comprehensive cost of  the project  is low.

 Hdpe Water Supply Pipes With Blue Belt

Hdpe Plastic Pipe For Water Supply Pe100

HDPE Water Supply Pipes

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