Hengyang City Automotive and Parts Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance 2014 Annual Meeting Held

On May 16th, Hengyang Automobile and Components Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance Annual Meeting was successfully held at Hengyang Fengshun Axle Co., Ltd. More than 20 automotive and component company leaders including Hunan Tianyan, Fengshun Axle, Nanyue Electronic Control, and more than 10 automotive experts and professors from Hunan University, Changsha University of Technology and other colleges gathered to discuss the automobile industry. Industry development plan. He Jianguo, Chief Engineer of the Provincial Machinery Administrative Office, Huang Yao, Director of the Department of Policy and Regulations of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and Luo Chunyao, Director of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology attended the meeting.

In 2013, the Alliance actively integrated industry-leading technology resources and industry-leading talents, strengthened collaborative innovation, successfully applied for national-level major scientific and technological achievement transformation projects, established the “Hunan Provincial Automotive Component Advanced Manufacturing Technology Engineering Laboratory” and “Hunan Province Light We quantified two provincial laboratories for automotive parts design and manufacturing technology engineering laboratories and successfully upgraded them to provincial alliances. Effectively promoted the technology and industry cooperation of Hengyang automobile industry, and improved the technological innovation capability of the regional automobile industry.