Hand in hand to win a total of 4 new era Yuchai to hold 2013 supplier conference

On December 23, in order to further build the most competitive supply chain in the industry, Yuchai held a 2013 Yuchai 2013 Supplier Conference with the theme of "Leaning Operation and Cooperative Development" in Wuxi, Jiangsu. Yu Ping and Wu Qiwei led the members of the leading company of the joint-stock company, and led the subsidiaries of Yuchai Logistics, Monopoly, CSR Yuchai, United Power, Xiamen Yuchai, Power Company, Yuchai Remanufacturing, and more than 300 suppliers. More than 600 representatives attended the meeting.

Luan Ping made an important speech at the meeting. Junping said that after years of construction, the development philosophy of Yuchai's supply system of “common prosperity, common development, and fairness and justice” has been formed. Through the successful implementation of lean production, benchmarking at home and abroad, learning and improvement, management of the management style of the cadres, integration and optimization of internal management, Yuchai’s various business indicators have improved. In 2013, Yuchai will make a major breakthrough in its strategy. The pace of product internationalization will accelerate, the target of producing and selling over one million units will remain unchanged, the target of one hundred billion will remain unchanged, and it is hoped that the majority of suppliers will have confidence in the future development, according to Yuchai’s plan. , increase capacity building and develop simultaneously.

Wu Qiwei, general manager of the joint-stock company, made a speech with the theme of “Special Breakthrough, State IV Preemption, Lean Operation, and Cooperative Development”. He said that in order to build the world's most competitive lean supply chain, the best supply chain system in the built-up industry will be truly implemented in 2013, and the establishment of benchmarking component systems will be strengthened; supplier management and cost control will be strengthened, and the supplier platform will be improved. To establish and integrate strategic suppliers, establish the best quality cost model, become a representative of “low cost, high quality”, and drive the sustainable development of the company and the market.

Chen Ningbin, deputy general manager of the stock company, made a work report for the 2013 supplier conference and put forward the 2013 procurement work ideas. Chen Ningbin said that in 2012, Yuchai started the procurement strategy management and supply chain planning, established a benchmark, reviewed and approved 3 Yuchai special production line supply chains, and reached 21 special production lines. According to the "three-year, three-phase construction of lean supply chain" work ideas, 2013 will be dedicated to professionalization, scale, unified procurement, lean planning, new product upgrades, etc., to form a lean supply chain operation management System, to create the best supply system.

At the supplier conference, Tan Guirong, chief quality engineer of joint-stock company, Lin Zhiqiang, chief engineer, and Wang Wei, chief economist, respectively, made "three-year quality improvement by 100%", "joint development, new win-win cooperation, 4 new era," and "lean operation synergy improvement." Theme report.

The conference commended and rewarded suppliers who performed outstandingly in 2012. 20 companies such as Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd. won the “Excellent Supplier” award. Five companies, including Beijing Peitelai Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., won the Yuchai Quality Award. Among them, the Quality Enhancement Award was awarded for the first time this year, focusing on the recognition of key component suppliers with high quality and high quality improvement.

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