Giant good electromagnetic valve: Teach you to choose pneumatic, electric regulating valve

Electric control valve is widely used in electric power, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, water treatment, light industry, building materials and other industrial production areas, industrial automation is an important instrument indispensable. Because of its environmentally friendly and quick installation has won a large number of users of all ages. Electric control valve according to the shape, size, parameter specifications and specific applications are divided into different electric single-seat control valve, electric sleeve control valve, electric two-seat control valve, electric three-way control valve, electric small flow control valve, electric Angular control valve. Although different types, but the same as the electric control valve, they are a lot of commonality, users should refer to when purchasing a few things: First, look at the size, the real strength of the company to make the electric control valve, it should be the volume Relatively small, relatively light weight, material is relatively durable, the connection is relatively simple. Because with the development of science and technology, with the continuous improvement of performance, the material should be more and more light and more and more durable, and it should be used more and more simply. The material, shape and method of operation often expose the strength of a company. Second, look at the parameters of electric control valve and adjust the accuracy, tightness. For example, the design of nominal diameter, pressure range, the medium allows the temperature range, humidity range, flow characteristics, spool form, travel range, work speed and so on. According to their own needs to choose the right parameters. Then a very important point is to look after the sale. Auto parts industry, you can be bluntly said that the sale is to buy. Good manufacturers can provide 5-10 years of free maintenance, also provides a variety of technical support, in your installation and use of the encountered problems and doubts have a dedicated technical staff to answer, one of the best It is a giant valve industry. Finally suggest that you must go to the big manufacturers or companies to buy. Giant good valve industry, with a variety of quality system certification, but also has its own patent certificate, valve manufacturing has been walking in the forefront for many years, providing convenience for the majority of users with a wide range of services and services, the real realization The "German first, quality as the root, honest-based, letter-based" business purpose. For more information online giant engineer. Or call: 021 -51,288,999 procurement of pneumatic valves can be linked to the industry giant Shanghai Valve: Tel: 021 -5,128,988

Continuous Foaming Machine

CNC CONTINUOUS HORIZONTAL Foaming Machine can be used for continuous producing Flexible Polyurethane Foam(maxfoam),
which density is 9~50KGS/M³. It can be automatic cutting the foam into difference sizes
which is according to client`s requirement. It can be realized numerical control with accurate
and convenient ration during the whole production. It becomes more easily and stable to
operate the machine.
ï‚  Computerized control system
It can be realized numerical control during the whole production. It is very easy to
operate with its humanization consideration design. It is able to store 100 formulations in
ï‚  Automatic formulation function
The computer can be automatic to generate formulation for your reference and
calculate the dosage of material if you input the density and color which you need. The
computer can be automatic to check if the formulation is correct when you give the input of
ï‚  Costing function
The computer can be automatic to display the input of chemical material and the output
of foams in each foaming produce.
ï‚  Printing function
All information including the formulation, the input of chemical material and the output of
foams can be printed. The exact data can be used to strengthen management.
ï‚  Electronic metering system
The metering system is adopted the advance electronic metering pumps from U.S.A.
and the monitoring equipment. Through computer, it can display formulation`s dosage of 12
groups` chemical material and actual supply in figure or diagram. The metering system can
be automatic to adjust it with great precision when the actual supply cannot meet the
formulation requirement. It is the base to produce the good foam and to reduce the
unnecessary wastage with this function.
ï‚  High speed mixing system
It adopts two steps mixing with low-pressure and high-speed. This can make the
foam`s air hole fine and smooth. It presets cycle cooling and automatic cleaning functions.
ï‚  Adjustable oven system
The width of two moving side wall can be adjusted for producing difference width foam.
The height of six steps raising platform can be adjusted for producing difference density
ï‚  Automatic cutting system
It is computerized control. It can be changing the cutting length in any time. The degree
of accuracy can be equal or less than 1mm.

Automatic thermostat apparatus (optional)
It can maintain the suitable temperature of chemical material in order to producing high
quality foam.
Technical Specification:
Model SL-08FC
Chemical 12groups
Foaming type Trough foaming/Spray foaming
Speed of mixing ≤5000rpm/ min
Over length 12.5M
Fall plate 6 steps total 6.25M
Conveyor length 18M
Foam width 1.3-2.25m
Foam height ≤1.25M
Foming speed ≤8m/min
Max output 250kgs/min
Total power 70.85KW
Dimension 38m(L)×4.5m(W)×4m(H)

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