Fingerprint checkable drunk driving: rapid and accurate detection of residual metabolites

Most people's understanding of fingerprints is limited to the encryption technology used to identify the identity. However, recently researchers have developed a detection method that can quickly and accurately detect residual cocaine and metabolites on the finger and identify the identity of the fingerprint owner. Technology is always improving. Regardless of encryption or decryption, the progress in the area of ​​fingerprint recognition research is equally unstoppable.

Metabolic fingerprint analysis or will eliminate blood urine tests

Speaking of fingerprint technology, we are most familiar with non-fingerprint sensors. In addition to the fingerprint recognition technology of smart phones, fingerprint U disk, fingerprint lighter, fingerprint bank card, fingerprint safe, fingerprint access card, and fingerprint POS machine ... can be seen in different areas of life, capacitive fingerprint encryption mobile terminal solution The program's "shadow". However, in recent years, in addition to the “encryption” field, researchers have even focused their attention on “decryption”—using fingerprints to identify identities.

Perhaps this sounds nothing new. The use of fingerprints to identify the "master" technology has long been used in various crime scene reconnaissance work. But this time, the big tricks put by fingerprint technology are not limited to form recognition, but more deeply into the category of biotechnology. Not long ago, researchers at the University of Surrey collaborated with the Dutch Forensic Research Institute and the Smart Fingerprint Research Institute to use a technique called "paper spray mass spectrometry" for metabolic fingerprinting to identify whether a subject has ever taken it. Cocaine and other illegal drugs. Compared with existing drug testing methods, the advantages of metabolic fingerprints are even more pronounced. Experts speculate that if this test is widely used in cocaine in the near future and other illegal drugs are tested, traditional urine, blood or saliva drug testing may be eliminated.

The advantage of the metabolic fingerprint detection technology is that it can complete the “task” quickly, reliably, and non-invasively, so it has a great advantage to become the “first choice” for future drug testing. Imagine that whether you are a drunk driver or an addict, you don't need to spend a lot of time on various tests in the future. You just need to collect fingerprints simply to make a final decision. The researchers stated that the important role played by fingerprints in the process of simplifying drug screening confirms the value of the diagnostic matrix of fingerprints and complements the research and development of portable, real-time diagnostics that are carried out simultaneously in the future.

"Artificial fingerprint" technology

Affect fingerprint identification security

Since the release of the first mobile phone with a fingerprint unlock function, fingerprint identification technology has been paid attention to. In the next few years, whether it is a high-end machine or an entry-level machine, fingerprint technology has been used as a “tag” everywhere. At the same time, fingerprint identification has become a standard feature of smartphones. Although the “brush face” technology has attracted the attention of most people with the attitude of “competitors coming first”, it is undeniable that fingerprint technology is still the mainstream of smart electronic products. In many mobile banking applications, fingerprints are used. Identification can help users pay bills or transfers.

However, with the popularization of fingerprint recognition technology, the corresponding security problems have followed. Many users have stated that the fingerprint recognition sensor on the mobile phone “cheats well”. In order to test whether the fingerprint technology is reliable, researchers from New York University and Michigan State University developed a "universal fingerprint" and found that the unlock success rate was as high as 65%. Using this "universal fingerprint", researchers can also easily unlock and enter the application to complete the payment.

In the experiment, the researchers used the fake fingerprints produced by some common points of human fingerprints to easily deceive the fingerprint sensor of the smart phone. If this series of artificial “master fingerprints” can be used to create “magic gloves”, then only With 5 attempts, you can unlock 40% to 50% of smart phones. In other words, fingerprint recognition does have the risk of privacy leaks or identity theft, which sounds very sad.

Although technology promotes the future, although “Iris Recognition” has begun to become a new mobile phone protector, some experts predict that the popularity of full screen will not accelerate the death of fingerprint recognition, and fingerprint identification will not be completely abandoned by mobile phones.

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