Faster production and sales in February doubled from the same period last year will speed up joint venture cooperation

Chairman of the Fast Group, Yan Jianbo, proposed on behalf of the leading group at the general meeting of the group company in February that the “three dare, three big, and five undeclared wars” activities were carried out from top to bottom, transforming the company into quality and promoting the market; Focus on industry policies, keenly aware of market changes, go all out to seize opportunities, and urgently increase production capacity, speed up the promotion of “two changes”, develop new products day and night, persist in deepening reforms, and scientifically promote transformation and upgrading.
Fast Group Chairman Yan Jianbo Fast Group Chairman Yan Jianbo

On March 1, 2017, the group's general meeting was held in Xi'an High-tech Factory in February. The leaders of Yan Yingbo, Ma Xuyao, Li Yan, Wang Xiuju, Wang Shunli, Chen Bing, Yan Jiuli, Guo Jinfu, Liu Yi, and Zhao Yanwen attended the meeting and all the middle-level cadres attended the meeting.

General Manager Ma Xuyao ​​presided over the meeting and reported to the General Assembly on the work of in charge. He called for the company’s various units to carefully convey the spirit of the meeting and the spirit of Yan Baoqiao’s chairman’s speech. It was scientifically decomposed and efficiently implemented, and the quality and quantity were completed in March. All work tasks, and at the same time do a good job in carrying out the "three dare to three, to the five declaring war" activities of the planning arrangements for the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises to create a good environment for development.

Summary of various business operations in February

In February, the Group's production and operations continued its good start in January, and the growth in production and sales revenue doubled year-on-year, with high quality satisfying strong market demand and continuing to maintain industry leading advantages.

Recently, the Group's 2017 work conference, the Workers' Congress, the Quality Work Conference and the “KTJ Improvement/Million Thousand Yuan” activity recognition meeting were successfully held, summing up the achievements, commending the advancement and clarifying the “strategic leadership, innovation drive, and crackdown on the market. The work guidelines for process assurance, management control, and implementation beyond, and the new year's production and operation goals, summed up the achievements made in the 2016 quality management system and the improvement of the physical quality, and once again confirmed that we continue to carry forward “a little more serious”. With the spirit of confidence, all employees still need to make a breakthrough and work hard. They must work hard and earnestly. They must work hard and earnestly. They must be passionate and hardworking, and must be able to win by quality, win by quality, and win by performance.

In terms of international cooperation, the company signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Russian Karmaz Automobile Factory, and reached a consensus on the joint development of products and the joint promotion of market expansion, which laid a solid foundation for deeper cooperation between the two parties. In the domestic market, the 6DS light truck series transmissions are again sought after by the market. The hydraulic retarder ushered in a period of rapid development opportunities, and the supporting volume has been continuously updated. Whether it is the international market or the domestic market, a stable, safe, and relaxed market environment can sustain sustained economic growth. However, in terms of policy analysis and the use of financial instruments, we must pay close attention to supplementing short boards and further enhance the vigor of corporate development.

Fast signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement with Russia's Kamaz Auto Plant Fast signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation framework agreement with Russia's Kamaz Auto Plant

In order to ensure the production and service line, the company's functional departments are in direct confrontation with the employee representative's commitment and attitude, and have made specific requirements for changing work style and improving service quality, and have received certain results. The courage of some employees to dare to expel ugliness is worthy of recognition, but it is necessary to combine the facts and put forward in-depth investigation and study. At the same time, by carrying out the “Lands don't fall on the ground, the environment is more beautiful” activities, it shows that starting from small things and doing things around, changing concepts and transforming traditional thinking is an effective way of doing difficult things and accomplishing major events. All employees should pay attention to the details and cultivate well. The professional accomplishment contributes to the scientific and steady development of the company.

Analysis of market situation at home and abroad

Throughout 2016, the global new energy automobile market has entered the “Warring States era”, and the new energy automobile market will continue to experience new competition, and shuffling and elimination will be staged at any time. Internationally, the US automobile industry has entered the era of Trump. The economic, trade and industrial policies it advocates such as reducing taxes, withdrawing from TPP, increasing tariffs, and moving manufacturing industries will affect the global automobile manufacturing industry. European consumers have successively filed suits, and the popular “emissions gate” incident has taken a sharp turn, alerting us once again the price of dishonesty and the premium for integrity. The giants of multinational auto parts are actively changing and deepening their development under the “four modernizations” trend of auto-electricity, intelligence, networking, and sharing, which also drives domestic automotive electronics companies to accelerate their transformation.

Looking back at the domestic market, it is almost a foregone conclusion that the heavy-duty truck market trend will be high in early 2017. The demand for construction vehicles and lightweight vehicles will be affected. High-power vehicles will be affected; while Chinese buses “going out of the country” still need to emancipate their minds and realize technology. Innovation. We must pay close attention to the development trend of the commercial vehicle industry, further deepen the market segmentation, make up for shortcomings in the region, and win business opportunities. The new energy subsidy policy of the country “has sounded,” bid farewell to “universal benefits,” and severely punish “cheat compensation,” and we must continue to do a good job of new energy products and seize rare opportunities for development. The Chinese gear industry is fast-paced to achieve technology upgrades, and it is pursuing the development and application of virtual reality technologies, focusing on digital, networked, and intelligent manufacturing, and seeking transformation and development. Opportunities and challenges coexist. Difficulties and hopes coexist. In the face of the transformation of the traditional energy industry of new energy vehicles, we must not only continue to promote “individualization,” focus on ourselves, and lean over ourselves to focus on new product research and development. We must also pay close attention to the new developments in the industry, sharply capture new industry information, and make full use of policy guidance. Give full play to its manufacturing advantages, R&D advantages, market advantages, competitive advantages, and brand advantages to ensure that the “5221” strategy is firmly established and promotes the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

March major deployment arrangements

All units should scientifically and rationally arrange production, and in the premise of ensuring safety, they should ensure varieties, keep new products, and secure new markets, fully satisfying market demands. The sales and R&D departments must work together to quickly set off a sales climax in the market and consolidate the market base for new products such as intelligent products such as retarders, 6DS series, light truck products, and S transmissions. The quality management headquarters further decomposes the quality improvement projects, implements them efficiently, and fully prepares for the quality review meeting. Organizations, human resources, operations and other departments shall jointly plan the pilot work of “star-rated employees” and select professional backbones with professional craftsmanship so that responsible employees can take on the responsibility and employees of the staff who want to be employed. There is something to do, so that the employees who have paid are rewarded, recognized, and affirmed, which fully stimulates the enthusiasm of all employee officers for starting a business. The “two-ization” promotion project must compete against time and high-quality implementation, emphasize the main responsibility of the use of the unit, and achieve the effect of “information data more running and employees running less”, achieve information sharing, improve work efficiency, and avoid duplication of efforts. Waste of resources. The overall budget work, KTJ, and cost control must emphasize science, emphasizing pragmatism, and emphasizing results, with the overall strength of the company and the improvement of employee satisfaction as the final work orientation.

International Trade Headquarters, strategic investment headquarters, financial headquarters and other departments should increase their efforts to quickly make up for professional shortcomings, and further accelerate the company's joint ventures, cooperation, internationalization, financial leasing business, and boost the company's "5221" strategy to achieve new breakthroughs during the year. Relevant departments such as R&D and technology should focus on solving existing market product upgrades, efficiency upgrades, and quality stability, while quickly forming full-coverage, multi-selection product genealogy for products with rapid growth. In order to ensure the effective landing of the 24-character work policy and the smooth completion of the two-year promotion year, the company decided to carry out the “Overall Change in Work Style” major reorganization activity within the company-wide scope, namely “three dares and three big ones and declared war on five”: "Three daress" means that there must be the spirit of dare to open the door, dare to reveal the courage of the cover, and dare to reveal the ugliness of the family. The "three majors" are those who perform their duty to rectify their duties, conduct practicable and efficient censuses, and leave no dead ends. " To declare war five times, we must declare war on the five kinds of behaviors: "I don't know, don't belong to me, I haven't tried this thing, I don't understand it, and it doesn't work." All units must also attach great importance to safe and civilized production and escort for the first quarter of successful completion.

At the meeting, Yan Jianbo’s chairman on behalf of the company’s board of directors and manager’s office announced the decision on the adjustment of the cadres. According to the needs of the work, the board of directors of Shaanxi Fast Gear Co., Ltd. on January 22, 2017 decided to employ Comrade Zhao Yanwen as the deputy general manager of the company and take charge of the work of the Institute of Technology.

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