Exploring the status quo of domestic LED lighting county-level market transformation

[Introduction] Whether it is for enterprises or for businesses, the painful period of LED transformation is inevitable. Whether for the enterprise or for the business, the painful period of LED transformation is inevitable. Especially in the domestic market, since the LED enlightenment has just begun, the LED market has not yet been stimulated, and the LED melee has not been clarified, the ignorant and confused business needs to be recognized and transformed.
Ningde City, Fujian Province: The market size is small, the second floor of the business is open. The lighting market in the city of Donning is not large, especially in the urban area of ​​Ningde. It is reported that the economic development of Ningde City is even inferior to Fu'an City and Fuding City under its jurisdiction.
The lighting and lighting business in Ningde City is concentrated in Ningchuan Road and China Red Market. Most of the lighting business stores along Ningchuan Road are on the second floor. When the reporter asked the reason, the merchants said that the main reason was that the store rent on the first floor was too expensive. The reporter also found that most consumers are not surprised by this phenomenon, which shows that Ningde City's attention to the lighting industry is low.
China Red Market is the most professional building materials market in Ningde City. The lighting business is concentrated on the two buildings on the inside. The lighting area of ​​these lighting businesses is more than 300 square meters, mainly based on household lanterns and ceiling lamps. In terms of brand awareness of LED lighting, the sensitivity of the business is not high.
Generally speaking, the lighting market in Ningde City is mainly based on low-end price products. For example, the person in charge of Xingrui Lighting Co., Ltd. introduced that the Wenhua Lighting of Xinwenhang is not very high, but it is also done in Ningde. Not very good.
Yulin City, Guangxi: Large-scale Guilin City is located in the southeast of Guangxi. It is an important commodity trading center in Guangxi, and is also a famous industrial city. The transportation network is huge, the logistics industry is developed, and the logistics covers the areas of Guizhong, Southeast Guangxi and Southwest Guangxi. . Yulin's unique business environment has expanded the lighting and lighting logistics business. Some large merchants mainly rely on logistics and distribution, occupying most of the markets in Guizhong, and extending to cover the entire territory of Baguio.
In the Guangxi lighting industry, Yulin Lighting's large-scale performance is very characteristic. In recent years, Hua Cong Lighting, a total of lighting and deep cultivation of the Yulin market, have achieved a lot of market share. Not long ago, these two major families also began to attack the Liuzhou and Nanning markets. Entering the provincial capital of Nanning, it is a must for many large lighting companies to experience the basic accumulation. Yulin's market environment is conducive to cultivating and expanding a large number of powerful individuals, and these big households know that if they want to have a right to speak in the regional market, in addition to doing their own product management, they must occupy the main place in the strategic pattern.
At present, the current status of the Yulin lighting market is led by the local big households, while the big brands quickly intervene in the market with big moves. NVC Lighting is the main brand of Yulin market, relying on its brand influence and innovative marketing model to gain consumer recognition and occupy high-quality channel resources. Wu Jun, deputy general manager of Yulin NVC Lighting, said that after four years, they have achieved good results in retail engineering and distribution channels. At present, NVC Lighting and Dehao Runda have joined forces, and the competitiveness of new LED products will continue to increase, and will greatly enhance the product quality and brand influence.
Yulin’s lighting merchants are mainly based on the industrial products market and are now extended to Education Road and Xinmin Road. The industrial products market concentrates on half of the lighting merchants in the Yulin market. The lighting merchants in the market are mainly integrated stores, and there are almost no specialty stores. The store operations are mainly channel customers and logistics distribution.
Due to the long operating period of the industrial products market, the planning within the market cannot keep up with the current pace of commercial development, which is not conducive to the development of the lighting industry. Therefore, lighting boutiques are developing outwards, focusing on Education Road and Xinmin Road. These new lighting business districts are attached to the industrial products market, with street-facing pavements as the mainstays, and stores such as Op, NVC and Foshan Lighting are here.
The development track of Yulin Lighting is distinct in the new and old business districts. The industrial products market has cultivated large enterprises. The new business district has gathered various heroes. The market competition does not stipulate the pattern of rivers and lakes, and strives for a bigger stage to continue its glory. Now more and more Yulin lighting giants competed for the Bagui market.

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