Essential emergency communications command vehicle

Now the society is developing rapidly. Of course, there are often emergencies, such as earthquakes, floods and other unexpected catastrophic consequences and hazards. When these unpredictable disasters occur, the first thing to do is to restore communication and ensure that the disaster area and the outside world can be linked, so that it can be more convenient to help.

In the process of handling fire emergency incidents, it is not enough to have a complete rear emergency command center. Still, it needs a powerful and independently commandable command center. The emergency command vehicle is assigned as the highest command place for emergency rescue on the spot. And our rescue personnel will pass some video and call records back to the help-seeking center through the individual soldier system equipment, so that the commanders can make timely preparations for rescue activities.

What are the functions of the emergency communications command car?

1. Must have satellite communication function, because it is a fast-response communication system and information system organic integration platform, can integrate various emergency services resources, and no less than 2048kbps two-way video, audio and data transmission capabilities, video signal adoption MPEG-4 compression format.

2. With GSM mobile phone, maritime satellite phone, GPRS / CDMA wireless communication terminal. And without geographical restrictions, wide coverage, communication distance, convenient site settings, signal transmission quality, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint image, Voice, data transmission, convenient access to the ground communications network and many other advantages.

3. The same channel can be used for different directions and different areas. The so-called emergency means that in the case of the original communication equipment has been damaged, it is necessary to use this communication emergency car, so it must have the same channel for different areas.

4. Of course, the ability to access the Internet is also required. When the mission is performed, the communication command vehicle can arrive at the scene at the first time, and the emergency command communication link can be established in the shortest time for the on-site and remote command centers. Therefore, mobile satellites are used. The on-board station can easily and quickly open satellite communication links to solve the communication problems of on-site image, voice and data. Then outsiders can know what the disaster area is like through the Internet. At the same time, prepare for rescue.

An emergency communication vehicle consists of a vehicle body, satellite communication equipment, a wireless communication system, an automatic servo system, an image acquisition and processing system, a power supply and supporting system, an in-car office and control system, a vehicle positioning system, and a data acquisition system. This must have a very good design for it, so as to ensure that all systems are mutually beneficial, there will be no short circuit, no net phenomenon. Because we also need to use an emergency communication vehicle when the situation is critical, we must say that our own quality is to be controlled so that we can collect some of the on-site situation through the equipment in the vehicle and pass the "moving through" and "quiet communication." “Telecom” antenna and shortwave, ultrashort wave, cluster, 3G and other communication networks for information transmission; at the same time, it has the function of command center video, guarantees the command center to remotely monitor and control the incident, and improves the emergency response of the user unit to emergencies. Disposal ability to ensure the safe and unblocked communication.

The sprayer can basically be divided into the following parts:

Gun, tip, Motor & Drive System, pump assembly, filter, Pressure Control, auxiliary spray accessories.



• Acts as the on/off valve for the material Spray Tip

• Controls the amount of fluid sprayed by using different orifice sizes

• Orifice shape determines the spray pattern.

• Many Graco tips can be turned to the reverse position by hand to blow out clogs

Motor & Drive System

• A heavy duty system that drives the pump


• Also called the Fluid Section

• Delivers a steady stream of high pressure fluid through the hose to the Spray Gun filter,

• Prevent large particles from entering and avoid clogging the spray gun

Pressure Control

• Used to regulate the fluid pressure delivered from the pump

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