Electronic scales on-site inspection procedures

With the widespread use of electronic scales , electronic scales are now used for weighing in many applications. However, there are also some problems with the electronic scales used for a long time. Today, Shanghai Hengheng Xiaobian came to talk with you, hoping to help everyone.
Electronic scales failure site inspection steps:
1, check the installation: rough sensor sensor ball position and limit, etc. normal
2. Check the foot difference between the heavy vehicles and the 60-ton foot difference between the front and the rear of the 20-ton vehicle. After the junction box is adjusted to the same level, the vehicle reverses the loadometer and finds that there is a foot difference. The weight is displayed in the reverse direction when the vehicle is in different directions on the loadometer. There is a difference of 50kg (this is a difference)
3. In order to verify that the fault is located on the weighing platform, the north is called the Taiwan, and the south is called the Taiwan. It is found that there are 2 sensor steel balls that are not compacted. After testing with the iron plate, there is no step difference. Include sensor) No fault
4, put down the north of the Taiwan, found that a lap board welding skew caused false splicing, the site to find a thin pad after the good debugging test, 20 tons of vehicle loadometer test, paragraph difference in 10kg, after more than 60 tons of vehicles Weighbridge test, step difference after 10kg with a nearly 8-ton mobile forklift to adjust the foot difference, can not have 10kg error (basically to be completely consistent)
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