· Dongfeng Renault imported auto parts for the first time through Han-European trains

At 10:30 on the morning of August 24th, the China Europe International Railways Hanouban X8044, which contained the container of Dongfeng Renault's new generation of Koleos KD (imported auto parts), entered the China Railway Group Wuhan Central Station. This is the first time that Dongfeng Renault has imported KD pieces by rail transportation mode. The success of “First Movement” also means that Dongfeng Renault has become a direct beneficiary of the “Belt and Road” construction.
The 40-foot container departed from Duisburg, Germany on July 30 and crossed the two continents of Europe and Asia. It passed through Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. It was changed twice on the way through the Alashankou port of China. Entry and finally arrived in Wuhan on August 24. This batch of KD pieces stayed on the China-Europe International Railway for 15 days and the journey was more than 10,000 kilometers.
According to reports, the current import of Dongfeng Renault KD parts adopts the transportation mode of sea-based and air transportation, which meets the requirements of regular orders and urgent orders. The cost of shipping is low but the cycle is long. The sea time of about 50 days has increased the in-transit inventory; the air transportation cycle is short but the cost is high. At present, Wuhan direct flights to France are relatively limited.
"While the price and cycle of railway transportation are between air and sea, it can be used as a logistics plan for urgent orders in the short term. After the further exploration of the future freight rate, it is expected to be promoted and used in the import and export business of Dongfeng Renault. Dongfeng Renault France KD in-transit inventory and delivery is expected to be reduced by more than 60%.” Zhan Xuebo, one of the planners of this railway transportation and the logistics department of Dongfeng Renault Manufacturing Department, said: “This transportation is actually a tentative exploration. We hope that through the Central European trains, we can find opportunities to reduce overall costs and improve transportation efficiency. While pursuing logistics improvement and reducing management costs, we will lay a good foundation for the later development of Dongfeng Renault."
It is understood that after the country put forward the "One Belt, One Road" policy, the railway operation of China and Europe has become increasingly mature and stable, and the Han-European class has gradually improved. On April 7 this year, Wuhan opened its first class in Lyon, France, and extended hundreds of kilometers to the southwest of Europe at the original destination, providing new logistics solutions for related companies in Wuhan. At present, among the Wuhan automobile enterprises, in addition to the two Sino-French joint ventures of Dongfeng Renault and Shenlong Automobile, there are more than 20 French parts manufacturers such as Valeo and Faurecia. The opening of the China-European class will undoubtedly It makes the logistics of Sino-French automobile industry more convenient.

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