Domestic instruments will take advantage of the gaps in the end

Instrumentation is a comprehensive product of a variety of science and technology, a wide variety, extensive use, and constantly updated, there are a variety of classification methods. According to the purpose and purpose of use, there are mainly measuring instruments, automotive instruments, tractor instruments, marine instruments, aviation instruments, navigation instruments, driving instruments, radio test instruments, carrier microwave test instruments, geological exploration test instruments, building materials test instruments, Seismic test instruments, geodetic surveying instruments, hydrological instruments, timing instruments, agricultural test instruments, commercial test instruments, teaching instruments, medical instruments, environmental protection instruments, etc.

From the 19th to the 20th century, the industrial revolution and the large-scale production of modernization promoted the development of new disciplines and new technologies. Later, electronic and computer technologies and space technologies emerged. Instruments and meters have also been rapidly developed. Modern instrumentation has become an indispensable technical tool for measurement, control and automation.

The instrumentation industry has made great progress, we have seen it with our own eyes, but the development of each industry is not perfect, there will be a flaw, the instrumentation industry is also the case, China's instrument industry and foreign countries still have a big gap. There are also many areas that need to be strengthened. We must face it squarely.

The world's major industrial powers have their own high-level instrumentation industry. Sooner or later, China will become an industrially advanced country. How to develop its instrumentation industry is a very important issue. Although the instrumentation industry has developed rapidly, the gap with foreign countries is still relatively large. It is reflected in the slow progress in technological innovation and industrialization; the lack of key core technologies, the low level of repetition is outstanding, and the product stability and reliability are not obtained for a long time. Fundamental solution; a large number of imports have a major adverse impact on the development of the industry. However, China has its own advantages, advantages and disadvantages coexist, let us turn the disadvantages into "motivation" and develop the advantages to the end.

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