Discussion on Fire Safety Management of Oil and Gas Gathering Pumping Station

Oil and gas gathering and pumping station is an important place to collect, store and transport oil products. It is a key flammable and explosive Class A firefighting unit and is a link that coordinates the collection, processing and export of crude oil. In the event of a fire and explosion accident, the consequences of the oil and gas gathering and pumping station will be disastrous. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in fire safety management of oil and gas gathering and pumping stations to prevent fire and explosion accidents and to protect the life and property of the people in the country and the oil region Significance.
Shengli Oilfield of Shengli Oilfield, SINOPEC, set up its first oil and gas gathering and pumping station since January 1965 and has successively built 7 oil and gas gathering and pumping stations with a total area of ​​697,549 square meters. The vertical iron oil tank 36 Block, the crude oil reserves of 215000 cubic meters, daily processing of crude oil 8,600 tons, 300,000 cubic meters of natural gas processing, is winning the fire control squadron area fire key defense units. Since 40 years, due to the leadership and fire departments at all levels attach great importance to strict control, to implement the fire safety management measures. Oil and gas gathering and pumping station in the 40 years of use and multiple technological transformation involved in dangerous parts of thousands of open flame operations, there has never been any fire and explosion accidents, to ensure the safe and normal oil production order and achieved better Economic and social benefits. Practice has proved that fire safety management to be foolproof, we must strictly implement the system and strictly abide by the safety rules.
However, oil and gas gathering and pumping station to further improve the fire safety management level, but also must solve some of the following problems.
1, the coordination and compactness of physical management needs to be strengthened. "Ming are far-sighted at Moe, while wise men are avoided." The oil and gas gathering and pumping station of Shengli Oil Production Plant has undergone nearly 40 years of operation. The established fire safety management system has been perfected and formed a tangible management mode. It is effective to use the advanced HSE safety management mode to implement the tangible management based on rules and regulations in one unit. However, how to effectively manage the project jointly completed by more than two units needs to be strengthened. With the deepening of the reform, all the fire hydropower projects in the oil and gas pumping station and dangerous parts of plant approval, by the victory Oil Production Plant Security Branch, Binbei Public Security Bureau fire brigade is responsible for examination and approval signed by the production and construction units. For projects not directly monitored by the fire supervision department, we only carry out spot checks. During the spot check, we found that the users of the project were lacking in coordination and compactness in fire safety management. Some projects delay the construction period, and some appear irregularities in the operating procedures, some aspects of the management gaps, who cares every detail, who is not responsible for the clarity. This is a need to correct and strengthen management. The explosion of the oil tank explosion at the first station of Yihe, Hekou in 1996 was a profound and profound lesson in the prevention of serious fires caused by inadequate protection and improper measures, which seriously violated the safe handling procedures.
Countermeasures to solve this problem: First, clear the fire management before construction, clear their responsibilities, to clarify the responsibility to implement the fire safety responsibility system. Second, adhere to the reporting system, progressively reported the progress of fire operation and the completion of the situation, the formation of effective supervision. Third, if the operation time is delayed, no matter whether the user or the construction unit should make explanations, the examination and approval procedures shall be resumed so as to implement effective tracking management. Only through strengthening management, prompting units and contractors to coordinate and coordinate with each other and make work more compact can effective fire safety and safety management be achieved.
2, the quality of voluntary fire brigade to be improved Oil and gas gathering and pumping stations are built with the obligation of fire brigade, responsible for the unit's fire prevention and early fire fighting and timely fire alarm to the area full-time fire brigade, fire safety management in the reservoir play a decisive role Role. Therefore, it is an important task not to be neglected to continuously raise the awareness of firefighting staff and firefighting skills of volunteer firefighters. Judging from the current situation, some volunteer fire brigade personnel are in serious shortage. The daily training of the fire brigade is of a simple technical form, not enough difficulty, low standards and even content with the status quo. Some of the obligations of firefighters age structure is too large, poor constitution, it is difficult to adapt to a large amount of exercise training and take on firefighting duties. Volunteer firefighters usually also serve as the daily work of the oil depot peacetime security work, daily training hard to get the time guarantee. These are all issues that affect the effectiveness of fire training and the enhancement of business skills.
Countermeasures to solve this problem: First, to emphasize the people-oriented objectives, pay close attention to the ideological construction and organizational building of volunteer firefighting team to establish a high-quality volunteer fire brigade. It must be emphasized here that leaders at all levels of the oil and gas gathering and pumping station should put the construction of volunteer fire brigade on the agenda and often consult the training situation, regularly organize fire drills and cooperate with full-time fire brigade training and take targeted measures to solve them There is a problem. Second, compulsory firefighting team personnel must be equipped strictly in accordance with the provisions of standards, and pay attention to the adjustment of voluntary firefighting team to enrich. Third, we must organize daily training strictly in accordance with the training standards and do a good job in recording basic information. Training exercises should be based on reality and keep pace with the times and innovate continuously. To be able not only firefighters to be familiar with fire emergency plans, but also must be proficient with full-time fire brigade collaborative technical capabilities. Fourth, players must master the basic requirements, summarized as the "four will be" "four familiar" that a publicity fire knowledge and fire; two will use fire-extinguishing equipment; three will eliminate the general fire hidden four will fight the initial fire. Familiar with the position equipment (items) performance, familiar with the post production (storage) process, familiar with the post fire risk, familiar with the post of fire equipment, facilities and fire fighting methods.
3, increase the fire safety inspection efforts to prevent work on the first place As the saying goes, "a gentleman to think of anti-suffering, the first of its kind". "Prevention first, anti-elimination combination" is the guideline of our country's fire prevention work. Can reduce the occurrence of fire and avoid the harm of fire. Oil depot for regular and irregular fire inspection, in order to eliminate the hidden dangers exist, really take preventive measures. However, they all have formalism in their practical work. For example, the examination of the development of the project list, each project content are the same, there is no emphasis, not based on changes in climate change and homework to highlight the need to check the contents of the project. Some after inspection and self-examination to find problems there is no timely rectification and elimination, the next inspection, the original problem still exists. There is subjective consciousness here. There are subjective reasons here, there are also objective levels of the problem.
Countermeasures to solve this problem; First, we must vigorously consolidate the basic work of fire safety management, with a realistic and pragmatic attitude to organize a serious and serious inspection. Inspection organizers in the preparation of inspection table of contents of the content, according to the relevant requirements of the fire regulations on the organization and management; oil storage, transportation management, tank farm electrical management, fire control, fire facilities and equipment management six aspects Preparation. It is necessary to fully estimate and examine those issues that are neglected and hidden, and put them into the checklist in a targeted manner. Check carefully by item one by one, in order to find the problem, identify the hidden dangers. Fire safety inspection should not be horse race fancy quick tour inspection. Second, make improvements in rectification. As the saying goes, "Bystanders clear, the authorities are fan", as public security fire department supervision, although the strict supervision of the fire safety management of oil depots is duty-bound, but should make full use of professional knowledge and rich practical experience, the fire safety inspection found Problems and risks truthfully feedback to the leadership of the depot pumping station to help formulate corrective measures to track the implementation of the improvement. Avoid fire safety inspection in the meantime.
4, to strengthen the establishment of fire safety management file information For a long time, there are some departments do not attach importance to the issue of fire safety file management. Up to the depot pumping station management department, down to the grass-roots units, the fire safety inspection information can not be fully preserved or well documented. Not conducive to summing up lessons learned, is not conducive to the search and maintenance work smoothly.
Countermeasures to solve this problem: First, companies must take the fire safety management archives into safety and quality management system, a clear management responsibilities, according to the quality and safety management system HSE specification refinement specification management. Second, sorting a variety of information, timely archiving, safekeeping, easy to access. The third is to compile a series of examples of both positive and negative aspects of fire safety collected by this unit and the external units collected to enrich the content of safety education. Learn from history, do not repeat the same mistakes, education first, to prevent before it will not become empty talk.
To sum up, in daily work and administration, we must keep in mind Comrade Jiang Zemin's important speech that "hidden dangers lie in open flames, prevent disaster outweigh disaster and lay blame on Mount Tai" and give top priority to the life and property of the country and its people . To be safe, work properly, and effectively carry out various tasks in a down-to-earth manner.

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