Dig "Scarab" fishing "fish"...

In recent years, many fraud cases have occurred in remote mountainous areas in Xiushui County. The scams of suspects are exactly the same. They first scolded the victim to dig out the “gold turtle” and sold the “cultural relics” together to make money and other names. The victim was given a dose of “spiritual soup”.

In the end, the repair police found traces of the principal in the clues and then arrested the gang 6 members in one fell swoop. After the trial, the fraud group headed by Wumou went to many provinces across the country to commit crimes, and the fraud amounted to more than 500,000 yuan.

"Temporary workers" digging "The golden turtle" was deceived 20,000 yuan

On November 10, 2010, near the Xiushui County Stadium, the three men on the way stopped Chen’s way.

"Old man, do you know where there is a small worker doing things nearby?" The man headed asked Chen. He immediately explained that they needed to hire a group of temporary workers in the new county, which was well-paid.

Chen was tempted, on the spot "recruitment," was even "admitted" by men. The man pointed to the hill bag opposite the stadium and said, "I think it's more appropriate to build here."

Chen followed three men and came to the hill. One of the men took the gimmick and ordered Chen to work in accordance with the designated location. At this moment, a man took out the " metal detector " to work around the dug up land. Suddenly, the machinery and equipment issued a "drop" sound. "There must be something metallic in the ground. You continue to dig."

In accordance with the men's instructions, Chen finally found a "golden tortoise" in the soil. The man immediately called the "expert", and according to the other party's valuation, this "gold turtle" worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. The man explained to Chen that since the “Golden Turtle” is a cultural relic, it needs to be handed over to the relevant national unit. He suggested that the presence of the staff gathers money to purchase equal amount of gold and hand it over to the relevant department, and then 4 people will “Scarlet Turtle” privately sell it, and the resulting money will be 4 People are divided equally.

Heavenly heavenly pie, Chen was impressed by the sudden wealth, he hurried back home, the savings of 20,000 yuan will be handed over to the hands of three men. However, until Chen waited and looked, he still did not wait for this "share fee."

In recent years, in the remote mountainous areas in Xiushui County, there have been a number of cases of digging turtles frauds . The suspects have the same scams.

Gang masters surfaced

In order to maintain the county’s social security order and provide a satisfactory answer to the deceived people, the Criminal Investigation Team of the Xiushui County Public Security Bureau intervened and started full-scale investigation.

"Similar cases are highly prevalent in the country, showing features such as vagrancy, irregularities, large amounts of money involved, and large time spans, which have brought great difficulties to the detection of cases."

After combing and collaborating on relevant cases, the police extracted a biological sample from one of the scenes of the fraud case, and finally successfully locked a suspect Wu Mou and pursued it online.

On July 31 this year, the police of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Xiushui County was informed that the suspect was hiding in Loudi, Hunan and immediately contacted the local police. Due to Wu Wu’s being indefinite, the capture operation encountered a bottleneck. Recently, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Bureau specially sent out a hunt group to join the Hunan Shuangfeng police and arrested Wu in the family building of a construction company in Loudi City.

After interrogation, the repairing police drove Shun Teng and picked up the same crimes as Tang and Liu.

Save more than 500,000 yuan in fraud

The reporter learned that Wu was born in 1983 and made a living with fraud. He is the main criminal of the gang. The gang members did not have proper employment. When they go out and commit crimes, the trio is combined into a team. One swindle, one is childcare, and one person drives the car. Randomly select the deceived person to commit the crime. According to the police investigating the case, the members of the crime gang were all from Hunan. After they purchased the golden tortoise at a low price, they stepped in to landfill beforehand, and then let the victims dig out for fraud. The fraudulent income of the suspect is spent on food and drink, gambling, etc.

After the trial, the suspect Wumou and others confessed that the gang defrauded Chen with RMB 20,000 in November 2010. At the same time, the suspect also confessed that he had successively crossed in Hunan, Hubei, Anhui, Chongqing, Sichuan and other places in the same way. There are dozens of frauds in the province, and the criminal facts amounting to more than 500,000 yuan.

At present, Wu and other six suspects have been detained by the police.

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