Construction sprinkler maintenance method

Nowadays, many construction sites use special sprinkler trucks. The use of construction sprinklers can increase work efficiency, and can also effectively reduce dust. This can be a boon to the workers on construction sites. However, compared to sprinklers that work on ordinary roads, site sprinklers must pay attention to maintenance and maintenance, otherwise their service life will be greatly reduced, because site sprinklers are working on bumpy roads all year round. Therefore, the damage to the vehicles and accessories is relatively large, then the following quickly to see the specific method of sprinkler maintenance!


The first step in the maintenance of the site sprinkler is to periodically check and tighten the U-bolt. Because the tank body and the girder of the sprinkler truck are made of wood rubber pads, the wood pad is very effective when the sprinkler is filled with water. Deformation may occur, causing loosening of the u-bolt. In particular, new cars are more prone to similar situations. They must be checked regularly and tightened with u-bolts.

The second step in the maintenance of the sprinkler on the site is to inspect the fixed parts of the sprinkler system's associated parts and its water tanks. For instance, the switches of the sprinkler and the sealing of the hoses must be checked regularly. Leakage must be repaired or replaced immediately. Otherwise, delays to later problems will become more serious. There must also be frequent inspections and maintenance on the nuts of the fixed accessories such as the tank holder and the pump frame to effectively avoid oil leakage or water leakage.

The third step in conservation is to constantly check whether there is any blockage or the like in the liquid hole, and be sure to pay attention to the medium through which the ball valve passes. Once the medium is dirty, it is very easy to damage the seal. Once it is not cleaned and maintained in time, This will reduce the life of the ring valve. Due to the geographical environment and location of the work, the sprinkler on the site is very special. It is best to install the anti-freeze device after entering the winter, and be sure to seal it and then let the water pump absorb water.

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