China-EU Civilian "Three Forms" (Water Meter, Gas Meter, Electricity Meter) Intelligent Standards Seminar Held

Recently, the China-European Institute of Metrology Association's "Three Watches" (Water Meter, Gas Meter, Electricity Meter) Intelligence Standards Symposium was held in Jinan, and Zhu Yonghong, Director of the Henan Institute of Metrology, participated in the meeting. "Civil Three Watches" refers to water meters, electric energy meters, and gas meters that are indispensable to residents' daily lives. They are meters for measuring the consumption of water, electricity, and gas, respectively. Water, electricity and gas distributors based on the values ​​they reflect. Receive corresponding water, electricity or gas fees. The EU intends to implement a new standard for civilian “three forms” in 2015, when the old meters of all households in Europe will be replaced. As the major exporter of EU instruments, China's implementation of new standards has created a broad market prospect for China's instrument export enterprises.

The convening of the meeting mainly carried out in-depth exchanges on issues such as the changes in the European metrology instrument market and the trend of intelligent metering in China. At the meeting, the report “Relevant technical problems in the application of China's metering intelligence” made by Zhu Yonghong of Henan Metrology Institute carried out a detailed analysis and summary of the problems and deficiencies in China's meter manufacturing enterprises, and was widely discussed by the General Assembly. attention.

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